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Year-Round Perennials to Add to Your Garden This Spring

Spring Perennials

Do you want to keep your garden looking vibrant and beautiful year-round? Perennials are great blooms to plant this spring because they will regrow each year without having to be replanted. With the proper care and placement, your perennials will thrive spring after spring.

If you’re looking for more variety in your garden this spring, start thinking about perennials to plant in the moist spring soil. Here are our top four favorite flowers to consider.



Get a head start on your perennials’ varying seasons by planting these beautiful colorful blooms. Asters will bloom in the fall, bringing a dash of contrasting color to the yellows and oranges that will adorn your garden.

These flowers prefer cooler climates, and keeping them in an area of your garden that gets full to partial sun is key to them growing tall and healthy. Asters love soil that is moist and well fertilized. To ensure your soil is at peak moisture, it is best to plant asters in early spring.

To plant, dig one-inch deep holes in the soil, then space the seeds 1 to 3 feet apart. Make sure to water them thoroughly when planting and add mulch afterward to keep the soil cool. A thin layer of mulch and compost can also be added to the soil every spring.

Asters are very picky about their water intake and will not produce the best foliage if they receive too much or too little. If you receive little rain, make sure to water the asters regularly in the summer season.



These beautiful blooms are the perfect spring perennials to plant if you are just gaining your green thumb. Lilies are great for beginners because they are easy to maintain and require little care – as long as you plant them in the right place! They tend to bloom sporadically from early summer to fall depending on the bloom, which will add striking beauty to your garden throughout the entire summer season.

Fall is the optimal time to plant lilies if you want to be able to enjoy these spring perennials in full bloom. Pick a patch of soil that drains water exceptionally well – you can pick it out by seeing which patch of soil dries the fastest after watering. Lilies need 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight to grow to their full height – keep this in mind when determining where to plant your seeds. You can tell if your lilies are neglected by sunlight because their stems will start to lean toward the sun rays.

The soil must be loosened from 12 to 15 inches for the lily stocks to have a firm foundation when growing. When planting the bulbs, plant 3 or 5 next to each other and face the pointed end up. Water liberally and keep the soil mulched. Lilies will only bloom once a year, at scattered times. The flower and stems can be cut, but keep the leaves in place until they turn brown and fall.



Beautiful peonies are great flowers to plant in the spring because they will sprinkle a soft fluffy texture throughout your garden, as well as a sweet fragrance. Peonies are known to be some of the most popular perennials because they thrive for decades and require little care.

While peonies should be planted in the fall before the frost in order to enjoy by the spring, the spring soil will also be beneficial to early bulbs. These blooms love sunlight and thrive the most when planted in spots that receive full sun. They should be kept away from areas with strong wind as well as other trees and shrubs, as they do not like to compete for food.

Bulbs should be planted in holes about 2 feet deep and 2 feet wide, in well-drained soil, and watered thoroughly.

After planting, peonies do not need much care other than regular watering. If the soil becomes nutrient-deficient, add fertilizer. And don’t be frustrated if your peonies don’t bloom right away – they take some time to initially sprout, but with the right amount of love, they will stay lively for years!



These classic spring perennials will add the subtle color your garden needs this season. The shasta daisy is the most popular robust bloom among the daisy family, with its beautiful white petals and contrasting yellow disk florets.

These spring perennials grow the best in full sun and moist but well-drained soil. The seeds should be planted 12 to 15 inches into the soil and watered thoroughly. Expect to see blooms one year after planting.


Don’t forget these wonderful flowers to add when building your spring garden. Snapdragons play well with other flowers and bring out the best in your focal flowers.

Enjoy Your Spring Perennials

While there’s nothing like getting out in the sun and dirt to spend some quality time with your flowers, you don’t need a green thumb to enjoy spring perennials – our handcrafted Bouqs will let you take the garden home with you!

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