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Cancer Birth Flower: White Rose

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When you think of the Cancer zodiac sign (which falls between June 21 and July 22), what comes to mind? While you may imagine a crab, an early summer day, or a sensitive and caring person, consider adding the white rose to your list. As the Cancer birth flower, the white rose captures the essence of this zodiac sign and is a great birthday flower for this astrological sign.

If you’re not sure why the white rose aligns with Cancer, stay with us. We’ll introduce you to the basics of the flower, explain some of its symbolism, and share why it aligns so well with Cancer’s personalities and traits. And as a bonus, we’ll share a few additional Cancer birth flowers.

First Cancer Birth Flower: White Rose

While all roses are one of the June birth flowers, only the white rose connects with the Cancer sign. That’s because a white rose’s unthreatening, pure, and beautiful nature aligns well with the Cancer’s compassion, loyalty, and sensitivity.

To understand how these two relate, let’s first look at the beauty of both a white rose and a Cancer. White roses have layers and layers of delicate petals, making them popular flowers for events ranging from weddings to bridal showers to funerals. And Cancers’ loyalty, sensitivity, and commitment make them great friends.

However, both the flower and the zodiac sign also have a bit of a hard side. Individuals with a Cancer sign sometimes put up walls that make it difficult for others to know who they truly are. But if you put in the time to establish trust, you’ll see these peoples’ soft and loving interiors. When it comes to white roses, their thorns sometimes deter people from getting close to their beauty. Only careful work allows you to safely pick a white rose and bring it home.

Finally, let’s look at the sensitivity of both Cancers and white roses. While both the zodiac sign and the flower are undeniably gorgeous, even the lightest poke can sometimes leave a permanent mark. Cancers are known for being highly intuitive and sensitive to the world around them, so a tiny insult or cold shoulder can cause them to lose trust. Similarly, the white rose contains pure white petals prone to cuts and bruises.

White Rose Symbolism

Now that we’ve covered the similarities between white roses and Cancers, let’s explore the meaning behind this Cancer birth flower.

First, the white rose symbolizes purity and innocence. This is why people often use white roses at events like baptisms, weddings, and funerals.

Another common white rose meaning is loyalty. When you consider this meaning, it makes sense that roses are popular gifts for weddings and anniversaries. It also means that white roses are a great way to let a friend or family member know you’ll always be there for them.

Finally, white roses are a popular flower to symbolize new beginnings. That’s why people often send white roses when a friend starts a new job or moves to a new home. While these occasions can often be stressful and overwhelming, white roses remind us they’re new beginnings filled with joy and wonder.

Popular Types of White Roses

While red tea roses often take the spotlight, there are thousands of different rose species and varieties. Not only do these roses differ in bloom color, but they also exhibit different flower shapes, growth habits, and bloom times. Check out the following types of popular white roses you can plant in your garden or order online.

Snow Goose

Just like snow geese dot the skies with white, ‘Snow Goose’ plants add beautiful white blooms to the garden. This rambling rose produces simple single-petal flowers that almost resemble daisies.


If you’re looking for a white floribunda rose, you can’t do much better than ‘Iceberg.’ These medium shrubs become covered in double blooms in the spring and continue to bloom into early fall.

Pope John Paul II

A stunning white hybrid tea rose, ‘Pope John Paul II’ produces perfect white flowers worthy of high-end bouquets and magazine spreads. The plants grow as medium shrubs and continue producing flowers for multiple months. Plus, the flowers provide a bright citrus-like fragrance.

Sugar Moon

‘Sugar Moon’ is another fragrant white hybrid tea rose, but it grows on smaller plants than ‘Pope John Paul II.’ It works equally well as a garden plant and cut flower.

Alternative Cancer Zodiac Flowers

While the white rose is the main Cancer birth flower, a few other flowers connect with this zodiac sign. Check out these other Cancer flowers if you’d like to skip the white roses and opt for something brighter.


Also known as the Peruvian lily, the alstroemeria is a popular cut flower. The blooms come in just about every color imaginable and feature stripes and dashes resembling a talented painter’s brush strokes.

Since they last up to two weeks in a vase, you can say their loyalty rivals that of Cancer. Alstroemeria also symbolizes friendship and devotion, so they’re a great choice for a birthday flower delivery.


The tall and joyful delphinium is another Cancer zodiac flower. This classic cottage flower features upright flower stalks covered in individual blooms. You can find delphinium varieties that produce red, white, and pink flowers, but people often plant these short-lived perennials for their unique blue blooms. 

Delphinium plants symbolize cheerfulness, care, and a big heart, which explains why people link these plants to good-natured Cancers. Although these plants are symbols of all things good, be aware they’re toxic to pets and humans.

Water Lily

Another Cancer zodiac flower is the water lily. Not only do these plants feature stunning flowers, but they also add beauty and interest with their floating leaves. You can find many different types of water lilies, but most feature white, pink, or yellow flowers.

The water lily often symbolizes rebirth due to its ability to rise out of the water. However, people also view water lilies as symbols of innocence, purity, and peace.

Explore More About Zodiac Flowers

If someone asks you, “What is the Cancer birth flower?” you’ll be ready to answer. But what about the other zodiac signs? Did you know there are unique flowers for every zodiac sign? While these flowers may not be able to predict your future or advise you on steps to take, they can help beautify your life. Plus, choosing cut flowers based on a loved one’s zodiac sign is a great way to end up with a bouquet they’ll enjoy.

If you want to learn more about how flowers relate to different types of people, explore which blooms correspond to the various zodiac signs and birth months. Not sure where to start? Check out our article on Gemini birth flowers or read up on June birth flowers.

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