Birthday Plants

Once a year, we celebrate the lives of people we love. Birthday plants are a special way to say “I’m glad you were born” because they bring life into any home.


Bird's Nest Fern with in a pale pot that highlights the greenery.

Best Fern


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Happy Birthday Plant Delivery

When you’re considering what birthday gift to get for somebody important in your life, flower arrangements might be one of the first things that come to mind. We’ll never discourage you from sending flowers for a birthday! But we also want to shine a light on happy birthday plants as an extra special present.

Birthday Plant Benefits

Did you know that plants have a surprising number of potential benefits for people’s physical and mental health? Plants may:

  • Produce oxygen

  • Increase humidity

  • Boost moods

  • Reduce stress

  • Increase focus and concentration

Because of these benefits, a birthday plant is a wonderful way to show that you care about your friend or family member’s overall wellbeing. You don’t just want to show your love and appreciation on the birthday itself. You want the person to have a continuous reminder that you’re glad they’re in your life.

No matter how or when you send them, birthday plants are great gifts that can bring cheer beyond just the special day. They’ll represent your care for months or years to come. Every time the person you send the plant to waters it, they’ll think of you.

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Birthday Plant Delivery FAQs

Are plants good birthday gifts?

Yes, plants make wonderful gifts! Just about anybody would love an enduring present that will be a daily reminder about how much they’re loved. A plant won’t be returned, stuffed in a closet, or eaten within a few days - it will light up the recipient’s life for a long time. 

Having plants delivered is a fantastic option when you can’t celebrate your friend, partner, or family member’s birthday with them in person. Just imagine the smile they’ll have when they see that you made sure to remember their birthday with a lovely plant. 

Another excellent idea is birthday flowers. Not everybody wants the responsibility of a plant, but most people will adore a farm-fresh Bouq. Whichever you choose, The Bouqs Co. has you covered with birthday gifts they’ll love.

What are popular plants to give as birthday gifts?

When you order plants online, which ones are the most popular for birthdays? Here are some of our favorite birthday plants:

  • Orchids. These tropical beauties look and smell amazing. Their bright colors are cheerful, and since they’re potted, they may last longer than cut flowers. 

  • Succulents. Since they’re low-maintenance, succulents are a great option for busy people. They bring a touch of green into the home without requiring frequent watering. 

  • Anthurium. Also known as the flamingo flower, anthurium features heart-shaped green and red leaves. It’s a perfect plant for somebody you love.

  • Snake plant. Don’t let the name scare you - snake plants are happy and friendly, with long leaves in shades of yellow and green. They’re easy to care for, too, requiring only indirect sunlight and water when the soil is dry. 

What to write in a birthday card to send along with a plant?

A great gift can only speak for itself up to a point. It’s a good idea to include a birthday card along with the plant. Need ideas on what to write? Here are some of our favorite lines:

  • May all your birthday wishes come true!

  • Lots of love on your 30th birthday.

  • Warm wishes on your 40th birthday.

  • Have an amazing birthday!

  • Hope your birthday is as awesome as you are.