The gift that keeps on giving! Besides offering a soothing Southwestern vibe, these to-die-for desert delights can be replanted to keep the love going.

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Two succulents each in a white-grey ecopot with an accompanying tray.

Dynamic Duo


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Succulent Bouquets

Okay, we hear you. Sometimes, it can get a little repetitive to send an arrangement of flowers for every little thing going on in people’s lives. As nice as it feels to gift your friends and family the freshest blooms, you want to switch it up at times. But you know what they say: ask, and you shall receive. We’ve got the perfect middleman for the folks out there who want to add some extra oomf to their beautiful Bouqs.

Succulent Arrangement Delivery

You’ve seen them all over home décor blogs, on social media, or just sitting on your best friend’s bedroom window. Succulents – they’re everywhere! Not only are these little (and sometimes prickly) guys super easy to take care of, succulent plants add a trendy touch to any living space. But what if we told you that we have a stunning collection of flower arrangements starring our small desert dwarves? Our succulent Bouqs are arranged with farm-fresh flowers such as roses and alstroemeria. Just pop these petals into a vase, and anyone would be convinced that you’ve got a green thumb. And yes, whoever you choose to gift these beauties to will definitely make them a fan.

Succulent FAQ

Are succulents a good gift?

Succulents are a great gift because they make memorable, long-lasting, and durable arrangements. They are a change of pace that complement all your favorite flowers from roses to carnations. They make a great gift for a wide array of recipients. Great for plant lovers or those who have never kept a flowering plant alive, succulents can freshen up any space.

How do you ship a succulent arrangement?

We ship our succulent arrangements with the same care and attention to detail as all of our flower arrangements. We use a sturdy box to ship our bouquets. Inside the box, we secure the succulents safely in place and use durable stems and greenery to surround the more delicate blossom which offers natural protection.

How long can succulents last in a box?

Succulents can survive around two weeks in a box, without any direct sunlight. But our process is designed to get your succulent bouquet from the farm to your doorstep much quicker. We also design our succulent arrangements so they can be replanted after you display them in a bouquet! How’s that for long-lasting! Enjoy your bouquet then plant the blooms for long-lasting success.