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Send a living gift to someone important with plant delivery. Whether it’s a tropical orchid, a desert succulent, or something else, plants bring life to any space.

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Farmer's Choice Orchid

Farmer's Choice Orchid


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Live Plant Delivery

While it’s hard to beat the beauty and simplicity of flowers, plants also make amazing gifts. Some plants can bring joy to a person for several years. A plant friend can also be a daily reminder of how much we appreciate our loved ones — a present that can liven up any room!

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Besides how much indoor plants (or even garden plants if you’ve got the room) elevate your space, they may have health benefits, too. They seem to reduce stress by providing a relaxing atmosphere where you can recharge. And you might even notice yourself breathing a little easier, since plants may improve the air quality in your house or apartment!

Send Plants as a Gift

You don’t need a green thumb to keep all plants alive. Succulents are hardy plants that require very little water. That makes them ideal for people who travel a lot and aren’t home enough to water a tropical plant.

Every item in our plant family is available with nationwide delivery to help you craft your indoor oasis and go even greener!

* Nationwide delivery excludes HI and AK.

Plant Delivery FAQ

Why are indoor potted plants good gifts?

While there’s no denying the beauty of fresh floral arrangements, one advantage of flowering plants is that they generally live longer than cut flowers. With the right attention, your gift might last for months or years and serve as a constant reminder about how much you care for your loved one. For any special day, plants make a long-lasting gift that expresses your appreciation.

Green plants have other benefits, too. They’re good for the air quality in the home because they produce oxygen and raise humidity levels. Looking at and caring for a potted plant may increase focus and concentration, while also reducing stress.

A green plant can add color to any interior style without clashing with the decor. And, a plant will hardly ever look out of place.

Finally, many of us seem to be disconnected from nature these days. Having one or more plants in the home is a wonderful reminder of how we’re all intertwined with nature. Greenery inside the home may also help if you live in a place with cold, dark winters.

What are the best plants to gift?

Any plants can make amazing presents for the right person, but here are some of our favorite plant gifts:

  • Succulents make excellent presents because they’re easy to care for. Some of them are little, too, which is perfect for people with small spaces.

  • Anthurium has heart-shaped leaves, some of which are red. Also known as the flamingo plant, anthurium is the perfect plant to give to somebody you love, whether it’s a partner, family member, or friend.

  • Snake plants are beautiful, and the yellow and green leaves are vertical, so they don’t take up too much counter space.

  • Orchids bring a taste of the tropics into the home. They come in a variety of colors and may live longer than cut flowers.

What are the best occasions and holidays to send someone a plant?

We think any occasion could be a great chance for plant deliveries. Here are some of the best holidays and reasons to send houseplants:

  • Mother’s Day

  • Valentine's Day

  • Birthday

  • Christmas or Hanukkah

  • Anniversary

  • Graduation

How much does a plant delivery cost?

We offer plants for a range of budgets. Weekday delivery is only $15 when you create an account with The Bouqs Co.  If you also enjoy sending flowers, sign up for our subscription service and get free delivery on every Bouq!

For as little as $44 a month, our subscription service allows you to plan out deliveries for the whole year. In addition to the free delivery, you get up to 30% off any delivery and special savings every month on one-time orders. If you love sending farm-fresh flowers, our subscription service could save you time and money.