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A houseplant is a decoration, and so much more – it’s a friend, a pet, a member of the family. That’s why we’re so happy to feature our brand new #PlantsFam, a modern line of succulents, air plants, and other ornamental greens to not only transform your space into an urban jungle, but to help you enjoy all the benefits of living with plants.

Besides how much indoor plants (or even garden plants if you’ve got the room) elevate your space, they have great health benefits, too. They reduce stress by providing a relaxing atmosphere for you to come home to after a busy day at work. And you might even notice yourself breathing a little easier as your indoor plant improves the air quality in your apartment! For the cactus lovers out there, you can rejoice knowing our prickly friends are praised for warding off negative energy and keeping your space calm and peaceful.

Every item in our plant family is available with nationwide delivery to help you craft your indoor oasis and go even greener!

* Nationwide delivery excludes HI and AK. 

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