Indoor Plants

Bring a bit of the great outdoors in your very own home! Indoor plants are sure to add that naturalistic touch to your living space.


Large, oval-leafed ficus burgundy with a Pepe pot.

One Fine Ficus


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Indoor Plants

Lush, green leaves. The rich scent of fresh, damp soil. We love gardens for all the life they bring to outdoor spaces, especially the plants we adopt to spruce up our backyards. Plants are more than just decorations; they’re members of a growing family.

Luckily for us, indoor plants show us love by providing cleaner air quality and a peaceful, welcoming atmosphere. Better yet, plants aren’t just meant to flourish in the great outdoors – they’re totally indoor-friendly too!

Indoor Plant Delivery

Here at The Bouqs, we’re aware of the love being spread for all kinds of nature’s freshest friends. Our new indoor plant collection is perfect for fans – both old and new – of vibrant greens. We have the super popular heart hoys and elegant orchids. You can order a ferns which are superb at keeping our indoor air healthy or a cute little cacti for desert vibes.

Best of all, all members of our wonderful plant family are housed in either a planter or a pot (some can even be used as hanging plants!). This versatility makes it easy to place them in any corner of your home. Join the #PlantsFam and browse our collection today. You won’t be disappointed to find one of our greens on your doorstep.