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Losing a loved one is never easy. Show your friends, family members, or colleagues that you're thinking of them with beautiful funeral plants from The Bouqs Co.

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What Plants Represent Sympathy and Remembrance?

During a difficult time, sympathy flowers can help lift the spirits and celebrate a treasured life. Funeral plant arrangements not only honor the deceased but provide a way for their memory to live on through their family members and friends. The sympathy plants are often displayed at the funeral service, then taken home following the burial ceremony for preservation, storage, or planting.

Sympathy gifts range from bouquets to arrangements, wreaths, and potted plants. Some people also prefer to send condolence gifts that more accurately represent the deceased, such as a vivid bouquet full of their favorite flowers, a basket of sweets, a stuffed animal, or other unique remembrances that the family will appreciate.

Popular Sympathy Plant & Gift Ideas

When sending sympathy plants, most people opt for recognizable blossoms often found at funeral services, though they may not understand why the flowers became so popular among the bereaved. Fortunately, it has little to do with price or appearance. Instead, many of the flowers symbolize emotions like grief, admiration, remembrance, or respect for the grieving family, including offerings such as:

Gardenia Plants

Potted gardenias feature crisp white blossoms silhouetted against dark green foliage, creating a striking, elegant appearance. The pristine flowers feature a lush fragrance and convey messages of love, peace, and purity to comfort those grieving the loss of their deceased loved one.

Green Plants

Green floor plants are usually larger and hardier than other types of sympathy plants. Typically, green funeral plants can include bonsai trees, palm trees, ferns, orchids and other indoor plants with white flowers or round leaves. Sympathy plants often come with a pot, elegant basket, or tabletop dish, so that the family can display the gifted greenery during the funeral.

Following the funeral, the condolence plant may live for years with proper care, adding a touch of warmth and beauty to the family's home while serving as a memorial for their lost loved one.

White Roses

White roses are one of the most popular sympathy plants – and with good reason. The hardy stems and delicate appearance result in a long-lasting, gorgeous bouquet, while the symbolic blooms express reverence, sympathy, and eternal love.

Peace Lilies

Stunning peace lilies offer unmatched serenity and calm to grievers. Though commonly found in funeral homes and churches, the plant's message of peace during difficulties makes it a meaningful choice after losing a loved one.

Sympathy Plant Delivery From The Bouqs Co.

Unlike birthday flowers or wedding flowers, no one ever wants to send a condolence gift. Still, the thoughtful gift will remind the grieving family of your love while commemorating the life and legacy of the deceased.

At The Bouqs Co., we make it a bit easier to order sympathy plants. Simply select your arrangement, set the delivery date, and enjoy fast, hassle-free shipping throughout the United States.