Orchid Delivery

Give these orchid flowers enough love, and they'll stick around for weeks (or months!) Enjoy easy orchid delivery on these sweet-smelling blooms.

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Send Farm-Fresh Orchid Plants

It’s not a secret. We all work hard. It’s time to give an appreciation token to ourselves and the hard workers in our lives. A beautiful, living orchid is the perfect “thank you.” And nothing beats the wonderful surprise of getting an orchid delivery straight to your door. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that our orchids come in a biodegradable eco-pot, so you can show your love for the environment and a loved one who deserves to be commemorated. Order our orchids and watch the smiles that will undoubtedly come.

Orchid Delivery

Coming in bright colors like pink and purple orchid flowers are also amazing at making your home or office have a touch of vacation vibes. This tropical flower has petals that differ from bright and colorful to subtle and sweet. Its long stems and deep green leaves are reminiscent of getting fanned by large leaves on a faraway beach. In other words, just having an orchid nearby can help perk up your week and can add a relaxing tropical feel to your home (or workspace).

Orchids for Sale

With the right attention, these beauties will live for weeks, months, and more! So, don’t wait until you see an orchid for sale. Invest in yourself and let the calming blooms of our orchids take you to your happy place. Orchid plants make great gifts for loved ones on Valentine's Day or Mother's Day. For those looking for some well-deserved self-care, send some orchids to yourself.


Do you water orchids from top or bottom?

The most important thing for watering orchids, and almost all plants, is well-draining soil and pots with holes that allow the water to drain. This avoids root rot, fungus, and a host of other issues that can harm your potted green friends. You should water from above with orchids, ideally with a shower style watering head that provides numerous little holes for the water to pour from.

How do you not kill an orchid?

  • Don’t over or under water. Check the soil and when its barely moist, then water. Don’t just water everyday or once a week.

  • Don’t use ice cubes to water your orchids. Fresh water is best.

  • Make sure your orchid pot has draining holes.

  • Make sure your soil is not too dense to allow water to freely move through the pot.

  • Don’t allow moss to cover the entire pot and disturb the flow of water (don’t even get us started on retailers that glue rocks around the pot).

Are used coffee grounds good for orchids?

Yes, if you use them correctly. Coffee grounds work well as a fertilizer for orchids. The best method is to put the used coffee grounds into a bucket. Fill the bucket halfway full of water. Let the mixture sit for 24 hours. Then drain the water into a new vessel. Use that nutrient rich liquid to water your orchids.

Can you water orchids with tap water?

You can but the best water for orchids is rainwater. If you don’t have access to rainwater, distilled water works well too. The problem with tap water is that it varies greatly by area. It depends on your city/county and where they obtain tap water. If the tap water is heavily chlorinated then it’s not good for your plants. You can let it sit out overnight in a watering can before using it to compensate. Some cities, like New York or California’s East Bay Area have excellent tap water filled with nutrients that can be used.

How long does it take for an orchid to rebloom?

About 6 to 9 months. Orchids often go dormant so don’t immediately discard it if your potted orchid stops blooming. If the stems go brown and mushy, then you know you have a dead orchid.