I'm Sorry Flowers

What better way to say “I’m sorry” than with one of our stunning bouquets? Small gestures can mean more than you think and it’s never too late to send apology flowers.

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White Roses, Orange and Yellow Peruvian Lilies, White Waxflowers and Eucalyptus

Yours Truly


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Apology Flower Delivery

We’ve all been there – you forgot your friend’s birthday because you were just slammed with work or you happened to miss the circled date on the calendar for you and your partner’s anniversary. No worries, everybody makes mistakes! The important thing now is to make it right and let your loved one know that you’re genuinely sorry for slipping up. And of course, The Bouqs Co. is here to help you gain that well-deserved second chance!

What Flowers Are Good to Say I'm Sorry?

Tulips, lilies, sunflowers, roses, and even succulents make for good I'm sorry flowers. With our farm-fresh selection, we’re sure that your recipient will understand your sincerity. Because who can resist heartfelt apology flowers? Once they pop their newest floral companion in a vase, you should be a step in the right direction toward forgiveness! If you need some help, don't fret. Just read up on our flowers that say I'm sorry.

Why wait? It’s never too late to apologize. Convey your honest thoughts to your loved one, friend, or colleague with the most beautiful “I’m sorry” flowers around.

I'm Sorry Flowers FAQ

Which flowers are best to say sorry?

You already know that there’s an ideal flower type for all occasions. You wouldn’t send the same flowers to offer your condolences as you would to say thank you or I’m sorry.

When you want to apologize with flowers, roses, tulips, and lilies are ideal choices. From muted white lilies to bold red roses, The Bouqs Co. has a colorful array of apology flowers to choose from.

Fortunately, flowers say anything you need them to, especially when accompanied by a card explaining why you're sending them. However, if you’re apologizing for a missed event, you can also use the flowers that are typical for that occasion. 

For example, anniversary flowers are still acceptable even if they’re late. Of course, you should definitely include a heartfelt belated anniversary message.

In the end, the flower type is less important than the meaning behind the effort. An accompanying card can say the rest.

Are flowers a good way to say I'm sorry?

Yes, a floral arrangement delivery from The Bouqs Co. is a wonderful apology gift! Do they have a green thumb? Because we also have plants for delivery. Whether you choose a delicate bloom or a sturdy plant friend, you’ll be on your way to being forgiven after sending a present from The Bouqs Co.!

We know that you want to apologize as soon as possible. That’s why many of our most popular Bouqs are available for next-day delivery across the country and same-day delivery in certain ZIP codes. Those options are available when you order by noon in your recipient's time zone.

What do you write in an "I'm sorry" card to send with flowers?

When you’re sending flowers to apologize, you should include a card explaining why you’re sorry and how much the person means to you. A few things you might consider writing include:

  • I wish I could turn back time to avoid hurting you. Please forgive me!

  • How can I begin to apologize for what I said? I’m asking for your forgiveness.

  • I know flowers won’t get me out of the doghouse, but I hope they’re the first step.

  • I am so sorry that I forgot about {event/date}! I can’t believe that I was so scatterbrained. It's no excuse, but I hope you can forgive me.