We dare you to look at a Gerbera daisy bouquet and not feel happier. Choose your favorite colors and make someone's day with a daisy flower delivery!

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Daisy Bouquet & Arrangement Delivery

Daisies are arguably the happiest of flowers. They are without a doubt loved by the sun and as a result, these bold, bright beauties seem to bring the energy and positivity of sunshine into your space. This makes daisy flowers great for celebrating any occasion or for making a casual day feel special. Their natural wildness will make you feel free to let some of your worries melt away.

When you think “daisy” what comes to mind is likely a classic, colorful Gerbera daisy. But have you noticed Pomponi daisies recently? They have fullness and almost fluffy-like texture that makes them absolutely stunning in a vase alone (plus the added bonus of supporting our sustainable farms!). And if you pair them with a bit of soft greens like eucalyptus, get ready for some rustic charm! Yellow daisies, pink daisies, white daises, you name it -- they also make an amazing addition to your home décor.

Whichever type of daisy suits your fancy, we know you’ll love the joy that a Bouqs daisy bouquet will bring to you or a loved one. I mean, how can you look at this vibrant wildflower and not feel a smile grow on your face?

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