With a super-long lifespan and a bounty of breathtaking colors to choose from, the carnation bouquet is here to stay.

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Carnation Flower Delivery

A mother’s love, good luck, and admiration – these are just a few things the carnation represents. Because they’re quite rich with symbolism, carnations are the go-to bloom for those who want to gift someone a vibrant bouquet of their own. A carnation bouquet makes mothers across the globe light up with joy and romantic partners or close friends feel extra loved and appreciated.

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With delicate, ruffled petals boasting bright colors such as pink, white, purple, green, and even magenta, we’re confident that there’s a carnation Bouq for you! Not only are they gorgeous, they make the perfect gifts because they have one of the longest vase lives amongst our cut flowers – they can last for up to two to even three weeks!

Make anyone’s day with a farm-fresh arrangement of the brightest carnation flowers today!


How can I send carnations online?

Sending carnations online is easy as making a few clicks. Browse our collection of bouquets featuring carnations and select the one you want. Next, just select the delivery date and put in the recipient’s zip code. Once you place your order you’ll receive a confirmation email. When your carnation arrangement ships, we’ll send you another email with a tracking number.

We’ve simplified how flowers are ordered online so you receive lush, long-lasting flowers. By cutting out inefficiencies, we minimize waste. Our process ensures you receive fresh flowers that haven’t been sitting in a store for days.

How much does a carnation bouquet cost?

We offer gorgeous carnation bouquets for under $50. Carnations are among the cheapest flowers you can order online. Carnation bouquets are so affordable because they are easy to grow and care for and bloom. They come in hundreds of varieties and colors and bloom from early spring to late summer. This makes them easier to cultivate and gives them greater availability than more finicky flowers.

Do roses and carnations pair well?

Absolutely. Roses and carnations are the peanut butter and jelly of the flower world. Like salt and pepper, they complement each other and bring out the best each bloom has to offer.

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