Housewarming Flowers

Congratulate a friend, relative, or new neighbor on their new home with flowers. Order a fresh bouquet to help make that new residence start to feel like home.

colorful alstroemeria, purple aster, yellow solidago and succulent bouquet

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Gifts for A New Home

Make someone's new residence feel like home, sweet home with flowers.

A new home is a blank slate, a new beginning. The walls are bare and ready for a personal touch. Help your friends and family celebrate after the moving process by sending a housewarming gift. Or, if you have new neighbors, send them a gift that welcomes them to the neighborhood!

Why Housewarming Flowers Make a Great Gift

Flowers liven up any living space and helps transform that blank slate into a warm and welcoming home. Whether it's a nice condo with a balcony, or a charming suburban home with a yard for pets, a move usually brings stress along with lots of moving boxes. Fresh blooms can reduce stress and help residents relax in their new place. Plus, their fresh fragrance can also help overcome that cardboard box smell!

Housewarming Plants

If you love the idea of sending flowers but you want your housewarming gift to last even longer, plants are the way to go. A houseplant to welcome someone to their new home is a classic gift that never falls out of style. Whether you’re celebrating a friend or relative into their new home or welcoming a new neighbor to your street, housewarming plants express kindness.


What Are the Best Flowers for Housewarming Gifts?

If you’re looking for the right bouquet to celebrate a new home, you’ve come to the right place. Our go-to Bouqs for housewarming have bright and vibrant colors. Multi-colored bouquets make great choices since most new homes will be filled with blank walls and often lack a bit of color. You can’t go wrong with a bouquet in spring or summer colors. Here are some of our favorites.

  • Sunflowers: As their name suggests, sunflowers can brighten anyone’s day and really bring a touch of sunshine into someone’s new house. They make for stunning arrangements that stand out against blank walls and rows of moving boxes.

  • Lilies: Our lilies often arrive just before they start blossoming. They make great long-lasting bouquets that start to show their brilliant colors in the coming days. These iconic blooms are wonderful for new homes as they bring the feeling of a spring garden in your home.

  • Tulips: They created a mania for a reason. Multicolored tulip bouquets freshen up any living space with beautiful color combinations and look great on dining room tables, next to the front door, the living room, or the bedroom.

  • Orchids: If you’re not sure whether to get friends or family members a flower arrangement or a houseplant, you can pick a potted orchid and gift the best of both worlds!

What are traditional housewarming gifts?

  • Food: Bread is a traditional housewarming gift as a message to wish that a home will always be well fed.

  • Flowers and Houseplants: Flowers and plants wish a new home to be filled with life and happiness.

  • Wine: Wine is given to convey the message that a home should be filled with joy and prosperity.

  • Candles: Candles are given to wish that a home always has light.

  • Olive Oil: Olive branches symbolize peace. The gift of olive oil sends a message of good health and well wishes.

  • Honey: A gift of honey wishes a new home to always hold the sweetness of all life can bring.

  • Salt: Salt symbolizes the wish that a home is filled with flavor.