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Five of Our Favorite Flowers That Pair Well with Carnations

Carnations and Roses Pairing

The carnation is one of the most classic flowers you can imagine. In fact, whether you realize it or not, you’ve probably seen your fair share of carnations and roses bundled together at weddings or parties. Sadly, though, carnation bouquets had a bad run for a few years. But it turns out carnations are having a renaissance of sorts, and we’re in full support. Just think about it! Carnations come in an amazing variety of colors, and their ruffly petals are downright beautiful when tightly stuffed in a bouquet.

By far the best thing about carnations, though, is their ability to pair with louder and showier blooms to create a super head-turning Bouq. The effect of their unique texture and subtle colors creates a lovely backdrop for a variety of blooms. That’s why we’re going to do our best to combat all the shade once thrown carnations’ way. If you ask us, they deserve to have their day in the sun again, starting with some stunning carnation flower arrangements.

That said, here are five flowers that gloriously mix with carnations to create eye-catching, sophisticated, fragrant, and long-lasting bouquets!



In our opinion, carnations and roses are the perfect flower pair—the Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin of the flower world, if you will. The smooth rose petals beautifully clashing with the ruffly carnations is quite a sight to behold.

As for color, the best carnation and rose bouquets have similar but slightly different hues. Our personal favorite is pastel yellow roses mixed with white carnations. Or if you want something a bit more colorful, you could opt for mauve roses combined with lavender carnations. Or just do you and choose whatever carnation-and-rose combo floats your boat! Nobody’s stopping ya!


If you want a luscious carnation bouquet full of volume and color, then chrysanthemums – or mums for short – should be your go-to carnation pairing.

Why? Well, since both carnations and mums are extremely versatile and come in many sizes, shapes, and shades, finding one that matches your preferred tone and style is super-duper easy. Our recommendation: choose big, spiky white mums and accent them with a textured layer of pink or yellow carnations.

Baby’s Breath

If you thought it was impossible for a carnation flower arrangement to look elegant, think again! Baby’s breath is a long, green-stemmed flower with tiny pearly white blooms, and thanks to its minimalistic and sophisticated appearance, it makes for an incredible filler plant. When mixed together with tightly packed carnations, you’ll come away with an exquisite, classic-looking Bouq.


Whether carnations like it or not, they’re going to be taking the backseat when paired with the always striking lily. But the good thing is, lilies are used to taking the front seat in flower pairings, while carnations are typically known as a support flower when combined with other blooms. Perfect, right? So go find some ultra-flashy lilies and set them against a colorful backdrop of carnations. It’s awesome!

Gerbera Daisies

For something a little bit more out there and—dare we say—edgy, mix and match carnations and gerbera daisies to create a Bouq that is simply stunning. Even better, why not drop in some roses too? The contrasting shapes of the three blooms will have all your friends doing double-takes as they walk by your new carnation flower arrangement.

There you have it! Five flowers that work wonderfully with carnations. See? Carnation bouquets are way more versatile than the tacky way they’ve been used so often recently. Told ya! Follow our advice on caring for your carnations and you too will be proving all the carnation haters out there wrong.

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