Wreaths and Trees

A front door wreath or mini tree is the perfect way to bring joy to your home. Shop our fresh wreath and tree collection for the holidays or just because!

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Adorn Your Door with Seasonal Greetings

Christmas or Fall wreaths are so much more than decoration, they are a warm welcome that greets your guests before the first knock. Our holiday wreath collection ranges from traditional evergreen fir to eucalyptus and magnolia wreaths for a bit of modern elegance. 

Greet visitors with fragrant essence of fresh cedar or lavender before the scents of the kitchen make their way to welcome your guests. Spread the holiday cheer by brightening up your doorway with a festive fall or winter wreath. 

Hanging a wreath on your door is like putting a necklace or bow tie on your house, it’s already beautiful, but why not add a little seasonal style to dress it up a bit.  They put your creativity on display and share a bit of the holiday spirit with your neighbors. Bring seasonal styling from your home holiday decoration to your door with one of our farm-fresh holiday wreaths.

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