Wreaths + Holiday Mini Trees

A front door wreath is the perfect welcome to any home. Shop our fresh wreath and tree collection for the holidays or just because!

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Six inch peace lily in a white ceramic pot.

Inner Peace


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Christmas or Fall wreaths are so much more than decoration; they are a warm welcome that greet your guests before the first knock. Our holiday collection ranges from traditional evergreen fir to eucalyptus and magnolia wreaths for a unique look. We have looks that suit all fall, winter, or holiday occasions.

Hanging a wreath on your door is like putting a necklace or bowtie on your house; it’s already beautiful, but why not add a little seasonal style to dress it up a bit? They put your creativity on display and share a bit of the holiday spirit with your neighbors. Bring seasonal styling from your home décor to your door with our farm-fresh holiday wreaths.

Wreaths for Your Front Door

Nobody wants to be out battling crowds to find the perfect holiday decorations. This holiday season, try delivery. You’ll have a stunning fresh wreath delivered right to your doorstep without the hassle of the holiday crowds. 

The Bouqs Co. has wreaths for all tastes. For a typical Christmas wreath, choose fir or pine, with or without pinecones. If you prefer something softer, you’ll love the pale green Hearth made from fresh eucalyptus leaves. For a dreamy fall look, we have a wreath with fresh magnolia, olive, and seeded eucalyptus leaves.

Not a fan of wreaths? Farm-fresh flowers are also a wonderful way to celebrate the season. Whether you’re looking for Christmas floral arrangements for your dinner table, small Christmas trees for your apartment, or the perfect holiday bouquet for a loved one, you can find it here!

Wreath FAQs

What do holiday wreaths symbolize?

Wreaths have several different meanings. For example, a wreath’s circular shape represents eternity or an unending circle of life. Also, evergreen, which is a common element of wreaths, symbolizes growth and everlasting life.

How do you care for a holiday wreath?

When you first receive your wreath, you should take it out of the box, fluff it up a bit, and spray it with water. If you’re keeping your wreath indoors, all it needs is an occasional spritz with water to prevent it from drying out. 

Outdoor wreaths need a little more care. You should wash your door before hanging your wreath to prevent it from getting dirty. Keep in mind that direct sunlight and wind can cause fresh wreaths to deteriorate, so you might want to hang it a little closer to Christmas so it still looks fresh on the special day. 

When should you take wreaths down?

It’s up to you, really. You might choose to take your wreath down the day after Christmas, or you might wait until it has become dried out, faded, or is dropping too many needles or leaves to maintain its beauty.