Mini Christmas Trees

Do you love the spirit of Christmas, but don’t have room for a big tree? Our Mini Christmas Trees are the perfect solution! Though small, they bring big Christmas joy.



Send Potted Mini Christmas Trees

Can’t be with your loved ones this holiday season? Send them joy with a mini Christmas tree. These tiny potted trees bring plenty of seasonal joy to small spaces. Since they’re compact enough to fit on any table, anybody can enjoy a tree this year.

Since no two living spaces are the same, we offer two different sizes of live mini Christmas trees. The adorable flannel pot brings a touch of red to complement the green tree, bringing these holiday colors to life.


Live Tabletop Christmas Trees for Delivery

Are you looking for a reminder that life finds a way to keep going, despite the unique struggles many of us have faced this year? Our live Christmas trees are an excellent symbol of that hope, since you could plant them and they’ll grow for many years.  

Nothing beats the scent of a real tree, but a full-size tree can take up a lot of space - Mini Christmas trees to the rescue! They fit easily on any flat surface and don’t take up too much space. 

Alternatives to a Mini Christmas tree

Not everybody is into Christmas trees, and that’s OK! While our miniature trees are gorgeous, you can also send holiday flowers, plants, or wreaths to put a smile on your recipient’s face. Friends with birthdays this time of year? They'll surely appreciate that you remember their special day with flowers in the midst of seasonal chaos.

Whether it’s fresh flowers or a live tree, this is the perfect year to breathe life into the homes of your loved ones. If you need flowers today, we offer same-day and next-day delivery in some zip codes on some of our most popular Bouqs.


Are miniature Christmas trees a good holiday gift?

Yes, miniature trees make excellent holiday gifts! What says Christmas better than the smell of fresh pine? Since some people don’t have enough space for a full-size tree, mini trees can help anybody enjoy the holiday cheer of a Christmas tree. 

If you worry that a mini tree delivery isn’t the right gift, you can also select a stunning Christmas bouquet or pick one of our lovely door wreaths. Whichever present is best for your loved one, we have the selection you need to brighten anybody’s holiday!


How to decorate small Christmas trees?

Christmas tree ornaments don’t have to be giant baubles. There are lots of beautiful small ornaments that are the perfect size for tiny Christmas trees. You can even find short strings of lights and adorable tree skirts in traditional red or green or more unique ideas like blue with white snowflakes, pink and blue, or iridescent mermaid colors. 

Even with a small Christmas tree, you can think big when decorating it. In fact, the size may even encourage you to be more creative with how to spruce it up!

Which is better, a live small Christmas tree or a fake one?

While some people may prefer a low-maintenance fake tree, it’s hard to beat the beauty, scent, and spirit of a live small Christmas tree. A potted mini Christmas tree is an especially great idea for youngsters, because the tree can bring joy for many years.

We’re partial to live trees, but it’s important to note that some people don’t want to water a live tree or clean up dropped needles, so consider your recipient before sending them a live tree.