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Quality blooms hand-selected fresh from the farm and delivered right to your recipients doorstep with care.

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Do You Want to Send a Big Bouquet of Flowers?

We all know the saying “the more, the merrier” – and that’s exactly what we’ve brought to the table. Sometimes just a dozen isn’t enough to satisfy some of our floral cravings, which is why we’ve tripled the stem count! That’s right, our newest luxury flower arrangements are just filled to the brim with red roses, sunflowers, lilies, and even our lovely ranunculus blooms.

When to Send Luxury Flowers

So if you’re feeling up to showing some extra #BouqLove to a loved one, you can never go wrong with our farm-fresh flower delivery service. Liven up a birthday party, a bridal shower, or even just a simple gathering with friends or family with a Bouq that pops in both color and size! Just when you thought our magnificent arrangements couldn’t get bigger than they already were, we made it happen to assure that we can bring you only the best quality flowers you can find. Don’t wait – shop from our luxury collection, where bigger is always better!


How much does a big bouquet of flowers cost?

When you order a large bouquet you receive a discount because it’s easier to ship one large bouquet than two small bouquets. So, a large bouquet with twice the stems will cost much less than if you ordered two separate smaller bouquets.

How many flowers are in a large bouquet?

Our luxury flower bouquets typically contain between 15 and 30 stems. When you select the bouquet you want you can see how many stems are included in the Deluxe and Grand sizes.

How long do luxury flowers last?

Because we source our luxury bouquets directly from flower farms that practice sustainable farming, we can ship to your recipient and avoid the middleman. This means you receive your blooms shortly after they were cut so they last longer. When you order a big bouquet of flowers, you don’t want them withering in just a few days. You want to enjoy your blossoms for as long as possible.

Which country has the best roses?

The best roses, and flowers in general, typically come from around the equator at an elevation where flower fields can thrive. About 75% of the flowers sold in the United States come from Ecuador and Columbia because the climate is ideally suited to growing big, beautiful roses.