Fragrant Flowers

Could it be the sweet smell of garden roses, lavender and jasmine? Shop our newest collection full of fragrant beauties and eco-friendly plants.

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Best Smelling Flower Bouquets

Life is all about stopping to smell the flowers, and we could not be more on board with that! And if you haven’t heard the news already: some blooms are a lot more fragrant than others. That’s right, flowers like garden roses, freesias, spray orchids, and more are all part of the fragrant family.

Fragrant Flowers

The Bouqs Co. only offers the freshest and best-smelling blooms you can find around, and with our new fragrant flower collection, you can gift any loved one with sweet scents that last for days or even weeks on end! Best of all, our blooms and greens are all sustainably grown on eco-friendly farms to ensure that anyone with these fragrant beauties can make the most out of them in their living space.

Bring on all the floral scents – shop from our collection today!

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