Symbolic. Refined. Sincere. A lily bouquet makes the perfect gift to convey just what you mean to say.

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white asiatic lily flower arrangement



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Lily Flower Bouquets

Royalty, purity, passion, rebirth. The lily flower is packed with symbolism, but regardless of its meaning, we know it’ll add that regal touch to anyone’s living space. These exquisite blooms grab the attention of anyone who decides to waltz into your humble abode or office cubicle. Who wouldn’t want nature’s very own showstopper sitting on their desks? We know we would!

Don't get lilies confused with Calla Lilies. While they share a name, Callas are a different flower!

Lilies Delivery

Whether you’re rushing off to your next housewarming party or sending your condolences, lilies always seem to express the right things at the right time. Our elegant collection includes the most colorful rose and Asiatic lily flowers around, and we know they’ll do more than impress; they’ll give off the right message to all the right people. With their vibrant petals and a scent that boasts their fresh presence, you’re sure to charm anyone you choose to gift these alluring blooms to. We know how hard it is to figure out what to say sometimes, so why not let us help you express your feelings with the sincerest flowers around?


What do lilies symbolize?

The lily represents rebirth and life. But, like many flowers, different colors of lilies invoke a variety of meanings. White lilies emphasize the purity and rebirth motifs so they make great sympathy or get-well flowers. Pink lilies can mean feminity and admiration and are great for Mother’s Day. Orange lilies represent energy which makes them perfect for get-well or congratulations bouquets.

What flowers go with calla lilies in a bouquet?

Calla lilies exude elegance. They also play well with a lot of other focal flowers. For bouquets and other floral displays, petunias, tulips, and roses pair fantastically with the sophistication of the calla lily. Pampas grass will work superbly as greenery and filler.

Which lilies smell the strongest?

The hybrid Oriental-Trumpet Lily or 'Yelloween' is considered the most fragrant lily. A cross between an oriental lily and a trumpet lily, the Yelloween is a favorite among floral designers and people who like to freshen their living space with floral goodness.