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Missing your friends and family? Let them know you're thinking of them and send a fresh, artisan-designed bouquet from The Bouqs Co.

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When Should You Send Miss You Flowers?

At The Bouqs Co., we know that every day calls for a fresh flower arrangement. With that in mind, you can send "I miss you" flowers any time of the year!

Whether you've just moved to a new city, miss your best friend from college, or are in a long-distance relationship, ordering flowers online and scheduling the perfect delivery date can ensure that your loved one knows you're thinking of them even though you're miles apart.

What are the Best Types of Miss You Flowers?

Whether you decide to send fresh-cut flowers or blooming plants, you can convey a subtle message to your loved ones through flowers and greenery. Each plant type has a unique meaning, such as love, friendship, or loneliness. For example, lilies and orchids usually symbolize missing someone, while roses express love. The color of the flower can modify its meaning as well. Red emphasizes love while yellow and pink are perfect for friends and family.

With that in mind, consider the following flowers for your gift delivery.

Pink Carnations

Pink and red carnations are some of the most popular "I miss you" blooms. The delicate, ruffled blossoms have made them a flexible go-to gift for friends, family members, and loved ones alike. In addition, you can also use carnations to celebrate special occasions, as the blooms indicate that the recipient is admirable and unforgettable.

Sweetheart Roses

Sweetheart rosebuds make the perfect gift for a spouse away on a business trip or a long-distance friend. The delicate blooms feature a subtle ombré effect, gradually darkening from the palest pink to a stunning blush that will take your loved one's breath away.

Gerbera Daisies

Send a little bit of sunshine with vividly colored daisies. The flowers make unique gifts for friends and family, while the colorful petals are guaranteed to brighten your loved one's day.


Finally, exotic orchids convey a message of love and wistfulness within their delicately glamorous blooms. Send a bouquet to your most elegant friend, or delight your significant other with white, orange, or pink petals and a bottle of wine.

How to Choose Miss You Flower Arrangements

Choosing the perfect flowers, products, and treats to say "I miss you!" is a personal decision. No matter what type of flowers you send, though, your loved one will treasure the gift and appreciate your thoughtfulness.

That said, we recommend opting for a heartwarming combination of flowers, including roses, daisies, sunflowers, and greenery, to brighten your loved one's day. You can even request a custom design, courtesy of our team of flower artists.

Can You Get Miss You Flower Delivery?

Yes. Sending "miss you" flowers is easier than ever when you order from The Bouqs Co. Simply select your favorite design and set your delivery date. After placing your order, one of our local florist partners will use sustainably sourced blooms to handcraft your bouquet and send it to your loved one's doorstep.

Order, Flower Delivery, and Care Tips

To help you and your recipient get the most of your flower bouquets, we offer an extensive library of tips for flower care. Whether you want to know how to prolong the life of your bouquet to maximize its vase life or you want to know what to do with tulips that arrived in bud form, our comprehensive flower care section can help you extend the life of your luscious flower arrangements.