Valentine's Day Lilies

Sincere. Symbolic. Refined. A lily bouquet makes the perfect gift to convey how you feel on Valentine's Day.

Farm-Fresh, Long-Lasting

Three bouquets, one with yellow lilies, one with white roses and one with mixed flowers.

3 Month Subscription: Classic Collection


This Valentine’s Day, Keep Blooming With Lilies

If you want a gorgeous modern flower arrangement for Valentine’s Day, you can’t go wrong with lilies. The Bouqs Co. offers expertly crafted bouquets that feature lilies or pair lilies with traditional the traditional Valentine’s Day flower, roses.

Send Lilies for Valentine’s Day

It’s not always easy to pick the right flower bouquet for Valentine’s Day. You want to let someone special know you are thinking of them but you want to see if you can find a bouquet that isn’t the standard 12 roses right? Lilies are a great option for you. Lilies appear bold and beautiful. They make a stunning focal flower or they pair well with other flowers (including roses). Find an exquisite lily bouquet and send it to your loved one to express your affection.

Which Lily Bouquet for Valentine’s Day?

It depends on what aesthetic you’re looking for. If you’re looking for an all-lilies bouquet that highlights this stunning flower, our Valentine’s Day Lilies bouquet showcases red, pink, and white Asiatic lilies. If you want to ignore the traditional roses but find a great pairing for your lilies, order Love Letter which features stargazer lilies complemented by purple and pink tulips. Looking for red roses and lilies? Our Caberyay bouquet has just the right balance of red, pink, and white. If you’re looking for something warm and inviting but want to avoid red, You’re a Gem features orange roses with orange and peach lilies. And if you can’t decide, consider a mixed bouquet like Passion Fruit that combines a lily with roses, snaps, carnations and alstroemeria.