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Valentine's Day Roses

This year we’re going all out on love. So order some Valentine’s Day roses to send love to the BFF, sibling, or neighbor that’s helped you through this year. #LoveFirst.

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Valentine's Day Rose Delivery

If you’re looking for romantic Valentine’s flowers, it’s hard to go wrong with roses. Who doesn’t love layers of delicate petals? Plus, as a classic symbol of love, they’ll make it clear that you care.

And don’t think roses are only for romantic partners! Different colors and numbers of roses have different meanings, so it’s easy to send a specific message to anybody you love.

So don’t hold back on sending a Bouq of roses to people who have filled your life with love! Because at The Bouqs Co., we know there can never be too much love. 

Thank your girlfriends for all those Zoom happy hours and late night phone calls with pink roses. 

Send yellow roses to your family members to give them a boost of love and light.

Show the frontline workers in your life you appreciate their hard work with cream roses.

This Valentine’s Day, it’s #LoveFirst, flowers second, and kindness always.

Valentine’s Roses: Colors and Symbolism

If you’re wondering what roses to send, we’ve got your back. Use the following info to make sure your Valentine’s Day delivery sends just the message you’re aiming for.

  • Red roses are all romance, so they’re perfect for your significant other.

  • Yellow roses symbolize sunshine, cheer, joy, and happiness. They’re sure to brighten up anyone who’s feeling a bit gloomy.

  • Pink roses mean sweetness, grace, and femininity. So send them to your sister, mom, or any woman in your life to show them how much you love them.

  • Orange roses represent passionate love, energy, and excitement, making them an excellent choice for new relationships.

  • Cream roses symbolize friendship and thoughtfulness, so they’re a great way to send love to your friends this Valentine’s Day.

  • White roses say new beginnings, innocence, and purity and are a wonderful romantic gift.


How many roses to send for Valentine's Day?

While anyone would be happy to receive a dozen roses, there are also plenty of other options. No matter how many roses you send, your loved one is sure to appreciate their beauty and your thoughtfulness.

  • 12 roses are the ultimate way to say “be mine,” perfect for a new relationship

  • 24 roses mean “I am yours” and symbolize love, happiness, and creativity

  • 36 roses say “I am head over heels in love with you”

  • One rose represents new love or love at first sight

  • Two intertwined roses symbolize a special bond with your other half

  • Six roses mean “crazy in love”

  • Ten roses are the ultimate way to say, “you’re perfect”

  • 13 roses can say “let’s be friends” or represent a secret admirer

  • 25 roses say “congratulations”

  • 50 roses symbolize limitless love

Do you deliver roses on Valentine's Day?

Since Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year, and The Bouqs Co. doesn’t offer delivery on Sundays, we won’t be delivering on Valentine’s Day. But, that’s just a reason to surprise that special someone with Valentine’s Day roses a day or two early. Go ahead, schedule a delivery before you forget!


What to pair with Valentine's roses?

While Valentine’s Day roses are beautiful on their own, it never hurts to add a little something extra. Since the flowers will be delivered before the holiday, celebrate on Sunday with your loved one’s favorite candy, a promise to tune into a video call, or a thoughtful card telling them why you love them.

Or, keep rolling with the plant theme and send one of our Valentine’s Day plants. With a lil’ care, many plants can live for years, symbolizing the fact that you want your relationship to last forever. 

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