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Valentine’s Day: Speak Their Love Lingo

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Even if you have no doubts you love someone, do you know how to show them your love? Just as each flower is unique, each person likes to be shown love in a different way! While you may love it when your boo makes you a cup of coffee as you’re rushing to get ready in the morning, they may care less about this gesture but swoon when you whisper in their ear how much you love them.

When holidays like Valentine’s Day roll around, you may jump to showing your partner, parent, or friend love the way you enjoy. However, buying them a teddy bear when they really wanted a heartfelt letter may make them feel a lil’ bit unloved. By figuring out an individual’s love lingo and choosing a gift that matches, you can make them feel loved on Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Knowing How to Speak Their Love Lingo Benefits Relationships

When you learn how someone likes to be shown love and then act accordingly, you make them feel seen, appreciated, and loved. That means growing closer together and living in greater harmony. And who doesn’t want that?

Taking note of what brings your loved one joy can be a good way to get a sense of their language of love. Do they light up when you surprise them with a thoughtful gift? Or are they happiest when you spend a quiet night together chatting about what’s happening in your lives? With that said, there’s no shame in asking how someone likes to be shown you love them! If they’re not sure themselves, they can take an online quiz to figure out their how to speak love, their way.

Gifts that Affirm: Love with Positive Affirmations

When it comes to speaking your love, saying the big L word is the obvious answer. However, there are plenty of other words you can use to let those close to you know you love them.

Some examples include complimenting their new hairstyle or outfit, recognizing their accomplishments both in their work and personal lives, and letting them know you’re proud of them.

And remember you don’t have to speak this love—you can also write a note, email, or text.

So, what flowers are good for someone who loves to hear how much they’re loved? To find the answer, turn to the language of flowers! If you want to show someone romantic, passionate love, you opt for red roses for Valentine’s Day. And if you want to show deep, platonic love, choose yellow roses or alstroemeria.

Another option for a Valentine’s Day gift is our All You Need is Love Notes bundle. This includes a day-to-day calendar filled with daily love notes as well as gorgeous farm-fresh flowers.

No matter which bouquet you choose, make sure to pair it with a heartfelt note that spells out what you appreciate, admire, and love about the special recipient.

Gifts that Pamper: Love by Showing Gratitude and Care

People who appreciate service love when those who are close to them make their days a lil’ bit easier. This may mean handing your partner a to-go mug of coffee when they’re rushing out the door in the morning, dropping off a meal for your mom when she is feeling sick, or offering to pick your friend up from the airport…at 1 AM.

Remember that these acts don’t have to be big and impressive—the thought is what counts! Any action that your loved one appreciates is appropriate.

Fortunately, The Bouqs Co. has designed a Valentine’s Day bundle that is perfect for those who enjoy you serving them. Plastic-free tea bags provide you with plenty of opportunities to let you give your partner a cup of love.

And when it comes to the flowers, do all the work you can to make them shine! If you’re in the same city as your loved one, unpack the bouquet and carefully arrange it. And remember to do the work of disposing of the flowers when they’re done blooming.

Gifts that Wow: Love with Thoughtful Presents

Some people just love receiving gifts, it’s as simple as that. However, don’t think buying the first item you see will do the trick—thoughtful gifts matter! This doesn’t mean you have to pick the most expensive or elaborate items, but rather items that let an individual know you see them and care about them.

Is your partner always losing their keys in the morning? Consider giving them a new key rack or a device that allows them to track down their missing keys. Does your roommate love chocolate? Pick up their favorite candy bar the next time you’re at the grocery store. Did your sibling mention how much they loved your tea towels when they were visiting? Then send them similar towels!

When it comes to showing your affection during the big love holiday, you can’t go wrong with Valentine’s Day flowers. However, picking out a bouquet that fits the recipient’s loves and desires is key! If they delight in bright colors like red and orange, pick out an arrangement that matches this style. And if they’re a classic romantic, opt for red or pink roses.

Furthermore, if they like plants more than flowers, respect that! Instead of ordering them a bouquet, pick out a potted houseplant that they can enjoy for months to come.

Gifts that Connect: Love by Spending Time Together

These people like to receive love by spending time with you. It doesn’t necessarily matter what you’re doing together as long as you both are present and connected. You can spend time together by taking a walk in the park, spending a night at home cooking a new recipe, or hitting the town for a concert. However, planning special activities the two of you can enjoy together will make your partner feel extra loved.

If they always wanted to try skiing, plan a Saturday at a nearby resort. And if they like to dabble in interior design, take them to a new furniture store where you can spend hours wandering the aisles and commenting on the different options.

No matter how you’re spending time together, don’t forget how important it is to remain present. That means staying off your phone when you’re out at dinner and turning off the TV when you’re having a conversation. Instead, truly tune into who you are spending time—ask them questions, listen to their answers, and let them know how much you enjoy spending time with them.

As far as flowers go, one good option is to pick out an arrangement the two of you can care for together. A succulent bouquet is beautiful while it blooms, and the succulents can also be planted after the rest of the arraignment has faded. Pick up a planter and potting soil, then set a date to plant the succulent with your loved one.

Another option is to look into uses for spent bouquets. Spend an afternoon together making dried flower bath bombs or pressed flower cards.

Gifts that Spark Feels: Love by Showing Intimacy

You guessed it, these individuals like to be loved via all sorts of physical interactions. Hugs, kisses, shoulder rubs, interwoven hands, and fist bumps all make them swoon. Of course, the physical love you show individuals will depend on your relationship with the person. A passionate kiss may be a great option for your romantic partner, a hug for your mom, and an enthusiastic high five for your coworker.

You can also think about ways to expand on the idea of physical touch. A foam roller, massage oil, or plush pillows can all make the physical time you spend together more special.

When it comes to flowers, look for bouquets that offer fun plays on texture! Unique flowers for Valentine’s Day allow you to play with delicate petals, fluffy blooms, and firm stems. Your loved one can enjoy running their hands over the various textures, or enjoy as you tickle them with different flowers.

Express Your Love by Speaking Their Language

When it comes to showing love this Valentine’s Day, remember that every person is different! Spending some time learning an individual’s love lingo will help you act in a way that makes your loved one feel truly loved.

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