Best Summer Flowers for Any Home or Garden

Best Summer Flowers

Spring may be over for a lot of us, which means we have to start preparing for hotter days and dust out our swimsuits from the back of the closet! But just because summer is here, doesn’t mean that some of our favorite flowers can’t soak in all the sun with us.

We want to shine the spotlight on some of the best summer flowers you should bring home to brighten up your living space, or even your budding garden! Here are some of this season’s must-haves:

Summer Peony


Ruffles on ruffles on ruffles! It’s hard not to love these blooms, and no one can go wrong with bringing home a fresh batch of peonies. Their blooming period may be shorter than most flowers, but needless to say, the results are amazing. Find them in your local flower farms during the months of May and June!

Summer Anthurium


Summers mean tropical getaways, but if you’re more of a stay-cation kind of person, then you might want to consider bringing home your very own tropical flower bouquet – specifically anthuriums! Although anthurium flowers can bloom at any time of the year, they just make some much-needed, bright additions to your living space.

Summer Sunflowers


How can anyone leave out the summer staple? Sunflowers have always been associated with so much joy and sunshine that we can’t exclude them from this list. Whether you need a seasonal centerpiece or just feel like soaking in some rays indoors, then sunflowers are a definite must for the summer.

Summer Marigold


If you’re all about those layers, then the ones you find on marigolds are pretty much endless. Marigolds come in different varieties of summery shades, so they totally fit those poolside vibes in every way possible! Because they thrive best in full sun and less watering, these blooms are the perfect summer flower for everyone.

Summer Hydrangea


Flowers are just more fun when they come in bunches, so you can never go wrong with hydrangeas in the mix! Not only are they great additions to any outdoor garden, they also do just as great indoors. Hydrangeas come in a variety of fun, summery colors for your seasonal enjoyment.

Summer Dahlia


There’s a reason why dahlias are so loved – they’re just too stunning to resist! They make both fabulous cut flowers and floral companions to any outdoor garden. Just keep in mind that dahlias are a bit of a late bloomer; their blooming season is late summer to early fall, but you can still catch them during the hottest season of the year!


And there you have it: some of our favorite flowers fit for the summer season! Whether you need a centerpiece for your backyard barbecues or some new, colorful additions to your outdoor garden, these blooms should be more than enough to impress.

The Bouqs Co. wants to make sure your floral needs are met all year round. Come on over and check out our collection of farm-fresh flowers to get you ready for any season!

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