Tropical Flowers

Lush palm leaves, bright ginger, mini pineapples –– these exotic Bouqs will have you calling your home your “cabana” in no time.

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Tropical Bouquet Delivery

What if we told you that you can have your own island getaway in your humble abode? Okay, hear us out: we all need a vacation at some point, and who wouldn’t want to be lounging on the warm beaches of Hawaii right now? With their swaying palm trees, sparkling waters, and welcoming locals, it’s hard to resist dreaming of going there for our next big trip (especially if you live in colder climates). While not all of us can fly over to the nearest tropical island, you can still have a piece of paradise right in your very own home.

Tropical Flowers for Your Home

Our collection of tropical flowers includes the most lavish palm leaves you’ll find arranged with vibrant ginger plants, mini pineapples, and bright heliconia. Reminiscent to Hawaiian flowers, our exotic Bouqs are sure to wow anyone you choose to gift these to. Are you or a friend constantly dreaming of an upcoming long weekend? Plan ahead for the next big break! Our tropical bouquets will definitely inspire you as you book your next flight. Sure, these assortments aren’t a one-way ticket to Fiji, but we can tell you that they’re the next best thing.

Send Tropical Blooms

Tropical flowers also make wonderful gifts for special occasions if you want to think outside the traditional (bloom) box. If you are looking to buy a special bouquet, mixing some tropical flowers can make your choice memorable and unique.

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