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Best Tropical Flowers for Any Gorgeous Bouquet

Best Exotic Flowers

There’s something wild and wonderful about exotic flowers. Maybe it’s because they’re not something we’re used to seeing on our regular walks around the neighborhood. Perhaps it’s because they’re just so bold, bright, and eye-catching.

No matter the reasons behind our intrigue, an exotic flower bouquet is a wonderful way to draw extra attention and add a touch of warmth and sunshine to a room. Check out our favorite exotic and tropical flowers below!



Resembling lobster claws in some instances or the similar-looking bird-of-paradise flowers in others, Heliconias come in a range of bright reds, oranges, yellows, pinks, greens, and purples. If you’re looking for sizeable exotic flowers to fill up a bouquet, this bloom works well. Each stem has a cluster of colorful leaves sure to catch the eye.


If you’re looking for some truly tropical flowers, then proteas should be your flower of choice. Named for a Greek god, these otherworldly blooms are sure to impress. There’s a good reason for their unique look, too—these flowers are thought to be among the oldest blooms on the planet.

Proteas stand for courage, change and transformation. They come in a range of colors and are often quite large in size, so even adding just one to a bouquet makes a striking statement. There’s even a variety called blushing bride, which is just perfect if you’re trying to create an exotic wedding bouquet.

Calla Lily

Calla lilies have become an incredibly popular choice for bouquets. Their sleek, modern look strikes a chord with many flower lovers on the hunt for exotic flowers. Callas are available in a variety of bold colors, with the pure white variety being a favorite for weddings as its clean look and sculptural lines create an artful bridal bouquet. Calla lilies look equally stunning arranged among other blooms or tied together on their own.


It’s not just a tasty spice to add to your cookies. Ginger plants grow lovely blooms that make wonderful additions to any tropical flower bouquet. The flowers come in sunset shades of pink, red and yellow and have a very distinctive sultry appeal. These eye-catching beauties add a burst of color and island style to any arrangement.


Though they often look soft and delicate, orchids are made to stand up to heat. They grow in very hot climates and often have a waxy feel that helps them withstand higher temperatures. If you’re looking for summertime flowers or are trying to find blooms for a destination bridal bouquet somewhere tropical, orchids are a great option. They come in a wide variety of different looks and colors and they add stand-out style to any arrangement.

Some popular varieties to include are dendrobium, cymbidium, phalaenopsis, and oncidium. They look gorgeous on their own, but they also work well mixed in among other exotic beauties, such as heliconia, spectabilis, costus and calathea.


Another attention-grabbing tropical bloom is the anthurium. These flowers scream exotic. You don’t need many of them to create an impact, as they have a style all their own. Even better, they come in a whole host of stunning colors, including red, pink, purple, orange, green and even dark blue.

Whether you live in a steamy locale or just love an alluring exotic flower bouquet, tropical blooms are a memorable flower choice. The Bouqs Co. offers a top-notch selection of show-stopping tropical Bouqs, each bundled with bold tropical greenery to enhance that island feel. Order some for yourself or have them delivered to someone who’d appreciate a little sunshine in their life. Our flowers are cut-to-order so they always arrive as fresh as possible – happiness guaranteed!

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