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Peonies Delivery

From weddings to table centerpieces, you have definitely seen these ruffled beauties everywhere. When you're looking for flowers for online delivery, peonies make a superb choice. With their voluminous, feathery petals and bright, bright hues – peonies are a crowd favorite.

Peony Symbolism

The peony flower makes a stunning staple when it comes to flower gifting. Peony flowers symbolize so many positive qualities, such as romance, beauty, honor, and wealth. It’s no wonder people love to send peonies for all kinds of occasions!

Occasions to Send a Peony Bouquet

Have a wedding anniversary coming up? Our bright pink peonies are sure to relay any passionate feelings you want to share with your significant other! If you’re sending sympathy or condolence flowers, your loved ones will appreciate elegant white peonies. Looking for bold birthday flowers? Our bright white and pink peony bouquet will brighten any room. Don’t wait to send along the right message to the right people.

Order Long-Lasting Peonies Through The Bouqs Co.

Order from our stunning collection of peonies today! The Bouqs Co. innovated flower delivery by pioneering farm-to-doorstep bouquet delivery. We cut out the middleman so your flowers won’t sit arrive two weeks after being cut. We cut our blooms then ship them directly to your recipient. This process means your flowers will liven up any space much longer than flowers from the supermarket.

Peony Bouquet FAQ

How much is a bouquet of peonies?

Peonies are among our most expensive Bouqs. Original sized peony bouquets usually cost over $75. Peonies usually cost more than roses or carnations.

Why are peonies so expensive?

Peonies are gorgeous rare flowers that bloom during a short window in Spring. They are one of the rarest bouquet flowers and flower lovers always want peony bouquets. Popular for weddings and many special occasions in spring and summer helps keep the price of peonies on the high end of our bouquets. Peonies represent honor and wealth in addition to romance and love which makes them famously popular for wedding bouquets and other special occasions.

Do peonies flower more than once?

Yes. Planted peonies can live for 100 years and bloom year after year. They thrive in Zone 3 because they need a cold winter to generate their largest blossoms. However, they can be grown all the way down to Zones 7 and 8. Make sure they receive full sun and live in well-draining soil.