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Peony Wedding Flowers Guide: Info & Tips

Close-up of bride holding a bouquet of white and pink peonies

Peony wedding flowers are a “…feast of visual delight.” So says author Jane Eastoe in her book Peonies, and we couldn’t agree more. Ask any floral designer or bride-to-be and they’ll likely agree too. Around the world, the peony consistently tops people’s lists of favorite flowers.

So what is it about these billowy blooms that captivate our attention? Is it the watercolor shades these blossoms offer (pale pinks, raspberry reds, cream, blush, plum…)? The confectionary textures (like a bonbon before it blooms)? Or the versatility in creativity they provide?

It’s all of the above — and more! This is why they make such beautiful wedding flowers. Of course, there is an abundance of blooms that you can fill your ceremony and reception space with, but if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind arrangement that embodies your wedding style, consider the perfect peony.

Curious to know more? Keep reading to find out what this “Marie Antoinette of the flower world” is all about and how you can use it to enhance your wedding.

About Peony Wedding Bouquets

Fun fact: peonies date back to 4,000 years ago! They first appeared in Chinese gardens, and as time went on, they became a top wedding flower in China. To this day, you can find them embroidered on bridal gowns and incorporated into bouquets and centerpieces throughout China.

Peonies continued capturing the heart of Asia, quickly swooping through Japan. The country is now one of the major players in producing this luscious flower. From there, it made its way to Europe and became a favorite flower in the late 19th century. Now, you can see these beautiful blooms all throughout the world!

Depending on whom you ask, you may hear that peonies bring good luck, prosperity, passion, and marital prosperity, so feel free to pack your bouquets and arrangements with this nuptial-worthy flower!

It’s also worth noting that peonies have a limited growing season. Peonies peak in early spring and extend through June. shouldn’t stop you from dreaming about carrying a peony bouquet, even if your wedding falls during a different season.

The Bouqs Co. offers farm-fresh, long-lasting peony bouquets so you can always feel good about the flowers you carry down the aisle and decorate your venue space.

Ways to Use Peonies at Your Wedding

One of the best things about the peony is its versatility. You’re able to mix and match it with just about any other flower to create a beautiful bouquet or centerpiece arrangement that fits your wedding style. From exquisite ballroom bashes to rustic outdoor fetes, the peony complements all types of weddings. Plus, you can incorporate it in many ways.

Close-up of pink peony flower with wedding rings in the middle

Ring Photos

Have your wedding photographer place your rings on top of a pillow of peonies and viola! A picture-perfect reminder of your everlasting love.

Ceremony Arch


The ceremony arch creates a focal point for your nuptials, and it’s the perfect way to really “wow” your guests. Of course, there are as many creative options for your arch style as there are stars in the sky. Everything from simple arrangements tied to each side of the arch to a full-on flower installation with greenery woven throughout.

Blooming Staircase

Entering your reception via a spiraling staircase (or any kind, for that matter) is beautiful on its own. But walking down a staircase that’s adorned with trailing peonies and bunches of flowers takes your entrance to a whole new level. And think about the photos!

Table Garden

Set up a table at your reception full of individual peonies in mini vases or bottles that your guests can take home as favors. You can get really creative with this by offering various peony colors in mix and match vases or keep it simple with one shade of peonies placed in clear glass bottles.

Table Setting

There are so many ways to create a beautiful wedding reception tablescape with peonies. Top each guests’ dinner plate with a single peony. For a smooth, cohesive look, make sure it matches the peonies in your centerpiece arrangements. Scatter peonies over the length of your tables for a romantic confetti look. Cluster peonies in milk bottles and have them create a table runner ombre effect by choosing flowers in similar shades.

Hanging Arrangements

Hanging floral installments pack a punch when it comes to reception decor. Envision glistening chandeliers draped in peonies. Garlands of blooms strung between twinkling lights. Greenery and flowers seemingly flourishing from the ceiling. You and your guests will feel like you’re walking through a garden wonderland.

Escort Card Wall

Display your escort cards in the prettiest way possible by pinning them to a wall of pure peonies. Match the colors to your wedding color palette, and consider taking it a step further by placing a gilded frame around the wall. Oh-so romantic!

Sweetheart Table

Imagine it – a backdrop of peonies behind your sweetheart table and an arrangement of peonies, roses, and ranunculus cascading from the tabletop.

Wedding Cake

An all-white wedding cake topped with fresh flowers creates a simple but stunning look. As an alternative, you could have your cake designer create sugared peony petals that cascade down the cake. Or have them hand paint peonies in your wedding colors around the cake layers – then crown the top of the cake with fresh flowers. Instant edible art!

Peony Wedding Bouquet Styles

White and pink peonies in an arrangement

Peonies come in all different shades (some even change colors!) and pair beautifully with other types of flowers. So whatever your wedding theme, color palette, and style, you’re sure to find a dream-come-true wedding bouquet to match your needs.

Clean and Classic

An all-white bouquet consisting completely of peonies creates a jaw-dropping look that will never go out of style. If you want to add a subtle pop of color, include bits of greenery or pale green hydrangea petals.

Dark and Moody

Bouquets featuring jewel-toned blooms are perfect for autumn weddings. Think ruby reds, crimson, deep purple, and golden hues. A bouquet of rich-red peonies and white roses would look stunning for a winter wedding.

Fairy Tale Pastels

Princess brides hosting a spring wedding will love a bouquet featuring soft pink, blush, and white peonies alongside clusters of green buds.

Candy Colored

If you want to take your color game up a notch, consider carrying a peony bouquet bursting with color and texture. Pop in a mix of leaves and succulents to give it a whimsical look. The contrast between a white wedding gown and this candy-colored bouquet will look stunning.

Colorful Accents

If you don’t want to create a full-on rainbow effect but still love the idea of an arrangement featuring bursts of bright colors, build colorful accents into your bridal bouquet. Think an abundance of pale pink peonies with pops of bright yellow flowers peeking out.

Summer Sunset

Imagine a sunset during the last days of summer. The sky becomes a swirl of apricot, coral, and ivory. Now transform that sunset into your bridal bouquet by creating an arrangement of peony blossoms in these late summer colors. Add branches of rich greenery for extra texture.

Flower Crowned

You don’t have to stop at carrying a bouquet – you can wear one too! Adorn your locks with a matching circlet of peonies, roses, and greenery. Or whatever flower combination you choose!

Charming Bohemian

We love the look of a peony-meets-wildflower bouquet. Mix in warm, seductive colors and cascading ferns for an unstructured but elegant look.

Green Envy

A bouquet featuring only a few billowing, white peony blooms among a garden of green will certainly capture the eyes (and hearts!) of your wedding guests.

We are able to deliver the wedding flowers of your dreams straight to your door – including peonies. And at a fraction of the cost of a traditional wedding florist! Plus, you’ll feel good about carrying our collections, which are all sustainably sourced. Shop our styles or collect the exact pieces you need to create a look that’s unique to you.

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