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Lesser Known Holidays: Spring Flowers Edition

Spring Holiday Flowers

Spring is such a joyous season! The sun starts shining bright and warm for the first time since winter, and the flowers start blooming. April showers bring May flowers, after all. But you don’t have to wait all the way until May to enjoy some spring flowers!

Spring has plenty of holidays to celebrate with fresh holiday flowers. Of course, you can send some Easter lilies to celebrate Easter, but there are so many lesser-known holidays in the spring you can celebrate too!


Employee Appreciation Day – First Friday in March

An appreciated employee is a hard-working employee! So you better not skip Employee Appreciation Day this year. Employee Appreciation Day happens every first Friday in March and is dedicated to showing your employees that you are impressed with all of their hard work. What a great reason to send your employees some holiday flowers!

I Want You to be Happy Day – March 3

Does someone in your life need a little pick-me-up? If so, I Want You To Be Happy Day is the best of the spring holidays to celebrate! I Want You to be Happy Day happens every March 3rd and is dedicated to spreading joy and happiness all around. So spread the happiness with a bright and beautiful Bouq!

International Women’s Day – March 8

International Women’s Day happens every March 8 and is dedicated to celebrating advancements in women’s rights. This is one holiday in the spring you should definitely take advantage of, as it’s all about appreciating the powerful ladies in your life. Why not send them some holiday flowers with a personalized note?

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day – March 26

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day is the holiday of all spring holidays: it’s dedicated to literally whatever you want to celebrate! Do you have a friend that needs a little loving? Send them some flowers on March 26th and let them know this is now their holiday! Seriously, you can celebrate anything you can imagine on Make Up Your Own Holiday Day. (Fresh Flower Day, anyone?)

World Party Day – April 3

Who doesn’t love an excuse to have a fun party? Luckily, April 3 is World Party Day! If you are looking to kick this spring holiday off right, send your friends some flowers and champagne, or throw a party yourself and get creative with some spring-tastic floral centerpieces.

National Stress Awareness Day – April 16

Everyone gets too stressed out every now and again. It’s hard not to in a society that’s hyper-connected and on-the-go: our work emails are hooked up to our phones in our pockets and our timelines are full of distressing news. If you need an excuse or a reminder to slow down and relax, get ready to celebrate National Stress Awareness Day! This lesser-known of the spring holidays is a good reason to send your stressed-out friends some flowers to remind them to slow down and smell the roses!

Husband Appreciation Day – Third Saturday in April

Does your hubby constantly amaze and surprise you with his awesomeness? He deserves some loving on Husband Appreciation Day! Husband Appreciation Day is every third Sunday in April. Use this holiday as an excuse to make your husband breakfast in bed… and serve it up with a fresh Bouq! Husbands love flowers too.

Kiss Your Mate Day – April 28

Kiss Your Mate Day is a day dedicated to – you guessed it – kissing your mate! Let your honey know you want to smooch them all over on this lesser-known spring holiday by surprising them with some flowers! Kiss Your Mate Day happens every April 28, so mark it in your calendars and get smooching!

Brothers and Sisters Day – May 2

Siblings: you can’t live with them, you can’t live without them. While they may have annoyed you at any given chance growing up, they’re probably a good friend of yours now as an adult. Even if they aren’t, why not celebrate Brothers and Sisters Day and try to bridge the gap? Brothers and Sisters Day happens every May 2nd and is a great lesser-known spring holiday to send your brother or sister fresh flowers!

National Nurses Day – May 6

Nurses are some of the most hardworking humans out there! So even though National Nurses Day may be a lesser-known holiday in the spring, it should not be missed! National Nurses Day happens every May 6th, so mark it in your calendars. Send your love and appreciation to the nurses in your life with some holiday flowers!


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