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Lesser Known Holidays: Spring Flowers Edition

Spring Holiday Flowers

Warmer days, bursting blooms, and singing birds let us know that spring is on its way. And with the arrival of spring comes lots of excuses to celebrate! Along with popular Mother’s Day and Easter, this season contains some holidays you might not have heard about.

From reminders to appreciate the people in our lives to days that encourage us to enjoy simple pleasures, spring is packed full of special days. Check out these lesser-known holidays, mark them on your calendar, order a spring flower bouquet, and get ready to celebrate!

Employee Appreciation Day – March 5

The people around us keep us going, both at home and at the office (or at the home office). Let your employees know how much they mean to you with a thoughtful note and gift.

While flowers are never the wrong choice, consider mixing it up with one of our houseplants. These little guys will brighten up your employees’ workspaces and serve as a long-term reminder that you appreciate them.

Plus, plants have been shown to decrease stress and increase workplace productivity. Now that’s a win for everyone!

International Women’s Day – March 8

International Women’s Day recognizes fantastic female accomplishments and calls for people to rally together for gender equality. This year organizers choose the theme #ChooseToChallenge as a reminder to call out gender inequality when you see it.

To practice this at home, you can start by recognizing all the powerful ladies in your life. Tell them how proud you are of their achievements with some kind words and a gorgeous bouquet.

Another great step is to ask them how you can better support them. After you ask, make sure to truly listen! By empowering the women in your life, you’ll help create a better world for all.

Holi – March 28 and March 29

If you’ve never heard of this Hindu celebration, you’re missing out. Known as the festival of colors, the festival of love, and a celebration of the triumph of good over evil, Holi takes place in India and around the world. Friends and families gather together to forgive each other of past wrongs and start anew with love and respect.

Celebrations include bonfires, elaborate meals, and colors. Lots and lots of colors. Festival goers throw colored powder on each other until humans and the surrounding areas are awash in bright hues.

While nothing can replicate the true throwing of colors, you can take inspiration from Holi and send some brightness to someone with a colorful bouquet filled with carnations and roses.

World Party Day – April 3

While we think every day is perfect for a party, we can’t argue with the calendar. How can you not celebrate on a day called World Party Day?

Since this holiday falls on a Saturday in early April, we think it’s the perfect time to celebrate all you’re looking forward to in the warmer months ahead. Grab some iconic spring flowers (you can’t go wrong with tulips) for the perfect party centerpiece. Mix up some breezy drinks and snacks, call some friends up on video chat, and party like it’s 2021.

And if you’re celebrating Easter the next day, don’t forget to order an Easter bouquet.

National Siblings Day – April 10

No matter if you have a big bro or little sis, there’s nothing quite like the bond between siblings. Whether you’ve spent years teasing each other or have been each other’s original besties (or a bit of both), this is the day to let your sibs know you appreciate them.

Dig up some old photos and spend some time reminiscing about your time as tots and teens. We’re talking braces, bowl cuts, mismatched outfits…the whole nine yards. This will remind you that nobody knows how far you’ve come from your awkward years like your siblings.

To keep your special bond going strong even when you’re apart, check out our heart-shaped hoyas. Split this cute pair of succulents so you and your sibling always have a reminder of the love you share.

Songkran – April 13–16

Ready for the world’s largest water fight?

Songkran is a festival of the Buddist New Year celebrated in Southeast Asian countries including Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar. The multi-day festival involves cleaning the house for the New Year, visiting Buddhist temples, and washing away the past year with water. Lots of water.

Children and adults alike gather in the streets and throw water on each other using buckets, cups, squirt guns, and anything else imaginable. Add some music and it’s a fun-filled party. Once everyone is fully soaked, they’re ready to start the new year fresh.

National Orchid Day – April 16

We couldn’t pass on letting you know there’s a special day for these delicate flowers. If you were looking for an excuse to order an orchid for yourself or a friend, look no further. The time has arrived!

If you still need some convincing that you should add one of these beauties to your home, check out these fun facts.
Orchids are the largest family of flowering plants with over 25,000 species!
In Feng Shui, these flowers are considered one of the luckiest plants.
Many orchids draw in pollinators by mimicking the insect they hope to attract.

National Sense of Smell Day – April 24

Didn’t know there was a day to appreciate your nose? Now you do!

Put your sniffer to work by taking in all the smells you love. Fresh baked cookies? That lovely spring rain? Your mom’s homemade mac and cheese?

Of course, there’s no scent quite like fresh flowers. Especially in spring. For top-notch floral aromas, order a Bouq of Stargazer lilies. Or take advantage of one of our favorite spring flowers: peonies!

Teacher Appreciation Day – May 4

We all have people in our lives who have taught us valuable skills and lessons. The people who sat by us as we struggled with algebra and cursive deserve some thanks, and so do the teachers who’ve helped us discover the value of a kind word and listening ear.

Since teachers are sweet, they probably wouldn’t turn their noses up if you gave them apples. But what would really make them smile is a spring flower bouquet. With lots of gorgeous options, finding some flowers your teacher will love is as easy as ABC.

National Nurses Day – May 12

Nurses have always been heroes, but this past year has taken that to a whole other level. After hours spent caring for others, these special workers could sure use some love.

Whether you know a nurse personally or want to show your appreciation to local hospital workers, this day is the perfect opportunity. Send some thank you flowers and a thoughtful note to add a bit of beauty to their lives.

National Waiters and Waitresses Day – May 21

There’s something to be said about excellent waiters and waitresses, as well as service workers that turn into friends. Celebrate all the special waitstaff (and delivery drivers) in your life on May 21.

For a welcome surprise, order food as usual, but have some flowers waiting. After dealing with unappreciative customers, a bouquet and a kind smile will make any service person’s day.

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