Valentine's Day

Why You Should Buy Orchids for Valentine’s Day

Orchids For Valentine's Day

You can tell that this holiday is coming for weeks to come, the signs are everywhere: hearts are on every product you buy, pink and red floods grocery store aisles, you can’t turn your TV on without seeing commercials for diamond rings, and wherever you go there are bundles of red roses. That’s right folks, Valentine’s Day is here!

Roses are a beautiful, classic, and fan-favorite flower for Valentine’s Day for a lot of reasons. You can’t go wrong when you send roses for Valentine’s Day. But, what if you are looking for something different and unique for your partner this Valentine’s Day? You should try surprising your partner with orchids for Valentine’s Day! Whether you are looking to stand out this Valentine’s Day or looking to try something new, orchids are a great start.


Why Orchids Make the Perfect Gift

Orchids are a very elegant and diverse flower that comes in a multitude of color options, so they are perfect if your partner or Valentine’s Day date is very chic, refined, and stylish. Orchids for Valentine’s Day will let your partner know what you think of them in a very sweet way, and they won’t break the bank, either.

Bonus points: you can make these Valentine’s Day flowers last far longer than a traditional flower because they come potted! So, when you gift your partner orchids, you’re not just giving them a vase of flowers that they will throw away in a few weeks. You are giving them a houseplant and decoration that will remind them of your love for years to come!

Orchid Care Tips and Tricks:

So, you have decided to get your partner and orchid for Valentine’s Day. The next step is knowing how to keep your orchid alive so you can celebrate your love for years to come. Do not fret; once orchids have grown they are fairly easy as far as houseplants go. Here are a few simple tips, tricks, and hints to keep your orchid blooming for years to come:

  • The most common cause of an orchids early death is overwatering. While they do need quite a bit of water to live, they should have time to dry out completely between watering. So how can you tell if your orchid is ready for some more water? Poke your finger about an inch into the soil. If the soil is nice and dry, water your orchid. If the soil is still moist, leave it be for a bit longer.
  • Orchids enjoy a fairly humid climate, and if you don’t live in a climate with high humidity, there are a few ways you can make sure your orchid’s humidity needs are met. One way is to place a water-filled tray of pebbles underneath your orchid. Another option is to mist your orchids lightly with a spray bottle every day. Lastly, if you have access to a humidifier, you can set it up in the room with your orchids.
  • If your orchid suddenly stops blooming despite getting the proper amount of light, water, and humidity, it is probably just about time to repot your orchid! Orchids like to be repotted about once a year.


Once you set your eyes on a beautiful and elegant orchid, you will definitely fall in love just like when you first fell in love with your partner. What if you don’t think that orchids are the perfect flower for your partner, though? No need to overthink it because there are plenty of great Valentine’s Day flower options out there including exquisite plants for Valentine’s Day. You really can’t go wrong!

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