Multicolored pink and red Valentine roses

Valentine's Day Flowers

Roses and mixed bouquets are the most popular flowers to send for Valentine's Day. Order your Valentine's Day flower delivery today.

Farm Fresh, Simple Pricing

Valentine’s Day Bouquet

Buy a bouquet of long-lasting flowers for a long-lasting relationship. Our Valentine’s day roses will delight those who crave the classic.

Valentine’s Day Flower Delivery

Schedule your arrangement to arrive a few days early! Who wouldn’t want to wake up Sunday to a dazzling bouquet? 

Order Valentine's Day flower subscription and keep your love blooming.

Valentine’s Day Gift Pairings

Spice up Valentine’s Day by finding the perfect partner for your Bouq. Choose the right combination of flower types and add ons for your sweetheart with our Valentine’s Day bundles.

Tips for Ordering Valentine’s Day Flowers

  • Don’t procrastinate. It is one of the busiest days of the year for flower delivery, so order early for the best selection of Bouqs for your Valentine. We’ll make sure you receive fresh flowers that impress.

  • Farm fresh flowers show your love, but that doesn't mean you should skip a heartfelt, personal message.

  • You need two lips for a kiss, but tulips are also great for Valentine’s Day! If you’re searching for something different, browse our varieties of flowers and select the best one for your loved one.


Can I Send Friends Valentine’s Flowers?

Absolutely. There’s no limit on love! Show them you appreciate them. Send flowers and brighten the day of a friend or relative.

How Much Does Flower Delivery Cost for Valentine’s Day?

We offer bouquets across a wide price range. No matter your budget, you can send flowers to someone special and let them know you care. Look over our collection of flower arrangements and choose the perfect one for your significant other.

How Can I Make Valentine’s Day Flowers Last Longer?

Follow these easy tips to enjoy your Valentine’s Day flowers for as long as possible. 

  • Make sure you use a clean vase. 

  • Change the water regularly. 

  • Protect them from heat. 

  • Add some plant food or sugar. 

  • Know your flower.

What Are the Best Flowers to Send for Valentine’s Day?

Whether you’re celebrating your first big Valentine’s date or an important anniversary, sending a bouquet of red roses is a popular Valentine’s tradition. 

But if you’re looking for unique blooms, don’t fret. We’ve got you covered. 

  • For the nontraditional - Appeal to your creative Valentine with a bouquet arranged with tropical mini-pineapples or elegant lilies.

  • For a newly single friend - Show your bestie you care with our Galentine’s Day bouquets, specially curated to add some brightness to the moody blues of a recent breakup.

  • For the candle connoisseur - Light a fire in your Valentine’s heart with a relaxing combination of flowers and succulents with scented candles.

  • For the chocolate aficionados - Who loves chocolate? We do! Impress your sweet-toothed loved one with a bouquet of tulips and irises paired with bonbons.

  • For the game lover - Game on! If your Valentine loves games, consider bouquets paired with a couples game for a fun and romantic night at home.

  • For the green thumb - If you’re looking for a new pal for the green thumb in your life, check out our farm-fresh Valentine’s plants.

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