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Valentine's Day Plants

After a year of simple yet extraordinary love, this Valentine’s Day is about more than romance. Send a Valentine's Day plant to show your love. Let’s focus on #LoveFirst.

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Valentine's Day Plant Delivery

While Valentine’s Day flower bouquets will never go out of style, a little green pal will keep your loved one company for months to come. Sure, a plant won’t replace your presence, but it will remind your family and friends you care!

We know you’ve been showing love with Zoom happy hours, hand-packed care packages, and drive-by parties. To keep the love going strong, order a Valentine’s Day plant delivery for those that have received your love and shown you love this year.

Wondering what to send? How about a succulent for your sister? Or an orchid for your friend? Or maybe anthurium for your partner? The possibilities are endless!

This year, there’s no need to limit love, so spread warmth to those near and far. Remember, #LoveFirst, flowers second, and kindness always.


Are plants a good Valentine's Day gift?

After a year of unique expressions of kindness and love, a plant is an excellent Valentine’s Day gift to let others know you care. While Valentine's roses are a classic option, don’t be afraid to shake things up with houseplants! 

With a lil’ bit of care, plants can keep your loved ones company for years to come. And that means a long-term reminder of how much you love and appreciate them...even when you have to cancel a phone call or forget to send a letter. 

If you think plants are impersonal, think again! With plants of all colors, shapes, and sizes, it’s easy to find one that matches your loved one’s style and personality. 

What are the best plant gifts for Valentine's Day?

Stumped about which plant to give on Valentine’s Day? Here are some of our favorite ideas:

Succulents are the perfect option for people who are short on time but long on love. Many succulents only need to be watered every two or three weeks, making them a low-care option. .

Orchids bring a taste of the tropics wherever they land. They’re perfect for the traveler who’s been stuck at home.

Anthurium features heart-shaped leaves with red and yellow blooms. It’s a beautiful way to show that your love will endure through life’s obstacles.

Do you deliver plants on Valentine's Day?

Since Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year, and The Bouqs Co. doesn’t deliver on Sundays, we won’t deliver on Valentine’s Day. But that’s just another reason why you should send Valentine’s Day plants a day or two early!

Don’t delay! Schedule a Bouqs Co. Valentine’s Day delivery now to show your love with a stunning houseplant.

What to pair with Valentine's plants?

While Valentine’s plants make excellent gifts on their own, it never hurts to include another sign of your love. Consider pairing your Valentine’s Day plant with locally-made candy, farm-fresh flowers, or a promise of weekly phone calls.

Remember, you don’t have to spend a lot to say “I love you” this Valentine’s Day. If this year’s taught us anything, it’s that small but thoughtful acts of love are the most extraordinary of them all. So keep checking in on your at-risk neighbor, telling your siblings you love them, and thanking your community health care workers. #LoveFirst

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