Pink Valentine’s Day Flowers

Totally crushworthy online flower delivery! Send Valentine’s Day flowers in sweet shades of pink, peach, blush, and strawberry.


Bouquet of Red and Hot Pink Roses with Peach Flowers and Eucalyptus Leaves



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Pink Flowers for Valentine’s Day

When you’re shopping for Valentine’s Day flowers, pink flowers are a great choice as a focal flower if you’re sending to your mom, daughter, or relative and a superb complementary color for a red focal bouquet for your special someone. For Valentine’s flowers, we have bouquets that feature hot pink flowers and light pink blooms so you can find a pink bouquet that matches who you’re sending flowers to for Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day.

Pink Bouquets for Galentine’s Day

Pink flowers make a great choice for a Galentine’s Day bouquet. Whether you’re sending a bestie on the other side of the country or having some of your gal pals over for a February 13th gathering, pink flower arrangements are a great choice. We have a lot of bouquets that incorporate pink blooms so you can go with anything from purple and pink roses to yellow sunflowers accented with pink stock.

Meaning of Pink Flowers

Symbolizing gentleness, good fortune, and happiness, pink bouquets are a great focal choice or complementary color for Valentine’s arrangements. Color associations can also change over time. While many today associate pink with femininity, historically it’s also symbolized masculinity while blue was the color of femininity. In other cultures, pink is also seen as a masculine color. In India, pink is a popular color for wedding turbans (or safas). And in Japan, pink was a color connected to slain samurai despite pink flowers also representing good health.