Red Valentine’s Day Flowers

Classic, timeless, and always beautiful. Sending red flowers for Valentine’s Day is a guaranteed way to win their heart.


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three different bouquets of flowers, one pink, one multicolored and one white

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Order Red Flowers For Valentine’s Day

When it comes to Valentine’s day, red flowers are timeless. And if you’re shopping specifically for your partner, red flowers are often associated with romance. When someone brings up Valentine’s flowers, red roses are probably the first thing that springs to mind. Red roses are a Valentine’s Day staple, but we also have a bunch of other available options of red flowers for Valentine’s Day. Order from our selection of red Valentine’s Day flowers and gift them exactly what they’ll love.

Red Roses for Valentine’s Day

Every Valentine’s Day, hundreds of millions of red roses are bred and sold around the world. That’s why we know how important it is to have a great selection of red roses for the holiday, from the classic dozen to mixed bouquets featuring the flower, to extravagant options with 100+ roses. We have bouquets with just red roses, red and white rose arrangements, and multicolored bouquets with red, pink, lavender, and white roses. No matter the type of red roses you want, you can depend on The Bouqs Co. to deliver a great arrangement that’s certain to impress.

Other Red Flower Options

We know that not everyone is as enamored with roses as we are, and sometimes you just want to switch things up! Roses are not the only option this Valentine’s Day. If you want to convey a message of romance but still want to try something different from roses, we do have other red flowers available. You can find bouquets with red lilies, red mums, and red mixed flower bouquets. All of these options and more, including Valentine’s Day plants, can be delivered on or by February 14.

The Meaning of Red Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Red is one of the most meaningful and important of all colors. It’s a primary color and often the first color that babies can see, as well as one of the few colors used in some of the oldest cave paintings. It’s also a great color that symbolizes love and romance. But, red flowers don’t just symbolize romance. Red flowers also represent life, vigor, courage, beauty, prestige, and passion. Any of these meanings can make red flowers the perfect choice for Valentine’s Day. Order your bouquet early to guarantee delivery by Wednesday, February 14 in 2024.