Valentine's Day Tulips

Tulips present a great alternative to roses for Valentine’s Day. Keep your love blooming this Valentine’s Day and send a lush tulip bouquet.

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pink, red, white and orange tulip bouquet

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Valentine’s Day Tulips

You need two lips for a kiss, but tulips are also great for Valentine’s Day! Valentine tulips make a great choice for Valentine’s Day flowers. Tulips can symbolize perfect, unyielding love which makes them an ideal Valentine's gift for your special someone. Besides their perfect meaning for Valentine's Day, tulips look great as the star flower and a supporting cast member for other blooms. Our tulip bouquets are sure to let your recipient know how much you care. Designed by our floral artists, our Valentine’s tulip arrangements range from bouquets perfect for your romantic partner to arrangements ideal for your parents or children. Did you know that tulips are the second most popular flower for Valentine’s Day?

Send Tulips for Valentine’s Day

If you’re looking for a change from the standard roses, tulips are a great choice. Elegant and graceful flowers, tulips once caused one of the largest market bubbles in the 1600s in Holland. Tulipmania was the term coined to refer to the outrageous demand for these delicate and gorgeous flowers.

Tulips for Galentine’s Day

Tulips are a great choice for Galentine’s Day whether you’re attending a gal pal party or want to let your long-distance BFF know you’re thinking about them. Tulips express your care and affection and brighten up any space.