Pink tulips


These uniquely shaped flowers are packed full of color. A great alternative to roses, tulips share the ability to symbolize a variety of meanings.

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Tulip Flower Delivery

Whenever we think of tulips, we usually envision those rippling fields of lush tulip flowers in the countryside of the Netherlands. But even before the Dutch cultivated these loveable spring bulbs as their own, tulips were all the rage throughout history! They’re the flowers people rely on to convey passionate or undying love, royalty, abundance, indulgence, and even charity. With so much symbolism packed into these delicate blooms, it’s no wonder they’ve been so popular over the years!

Tulips for Every Occasion

At The Bouqs believe that there’s a flower to compliment every occasion, and if you want to gift a beautiful arrangement to a loved one with the right message, tulips are our go-to. Whether you want to send flowers to a romantic partner for an upcoming anniversary, a friend who just got a pay raise, or yourself just because, we offer tulips of different colors that are sure to get your feelings across in the freshest way possible!

Bring home your very own piece of the tulip fields and order one of our gorgeous tulip flower bouquets today!

Tulip Flowers FAQ

What months are tulips in season?

Tulips usually bloom from March to May. Tulips are technically a perennial but they need specific conditions to bloom year after year. They like hot and dry summers with cold winters.

How do you send tulips?

Browse through our selection of curated tulip bouquets and find one that you love. Select the zip code of your recipient and the delivery date. We’ll handle the rest! We source our tulips from the best farms that practice sustainable farming so not only will your recipient receive fresh, long-lasting blooms but you can feel good in knowing you support eco-friendly farming.

Are tulips still expensive?

No, not like they were during the Dutch Tulip Mania. During the height of the tulip bubble in the Netherlands, some tulips cost as much as a mansion! Our tulips still have that timeless, unique beauty associated with these eye-catching blossoms, but you won’t have to break your bank account to purchase them!

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