Pink Flower Arrangements

Feminine and fun, pink flower bouquets are a spunky option for your friend, mom, niece, girlfriend, or anybody you know who just loves this flirty color!

Farm-Fresh, Long-Lasting

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Send Farm-Fresh Pink Flowers

From your special someone to a casual acquaintance, pink flower bouquets make excellent gifts for a variety of people and occasions. From Mother’s Day to Valentine’s Day to birthdays to anniversaries to “just because,” farm-fresh pink floral arrangements from The Bouqs Co. make a fantastic choice. 

 We don’t cut our flowers until you order them (with a few exceptions for same-day delivery), and we ship them straight from the farm. You or your loved one could get flowers as soon as the next day after they were cut. This innovation to traditional flower delivery leads to more colorful blooms that last longer than older flower delivery models. 

 If you love to send fresh flowers online, you may appreciate our subscription service. You’ll save up to 30% off each order and you’ll always get free shipping. Schedule flower deliveries as often as once a week, so you can celebrate all of life’s little moments with a fresh pink bouquet.

What Do Pink Flowers Mean?

While many people associate pink arrangements with love, pink flowers can also represent gentleness, innocence, happiness, playfulness, sensitivity, and femininity. Since pink petals CAN have romantic connotations but don’t HAVE to, they’re perfect for any woman in your life, from your wife to your sister to your mother.

What Color Flowers Pair Well With Pink Flowers?

There are three different types of pink flowers: true pink, warm pink, and cool pink. Each type goes well with different colors of flowers.
  • True pink is a light shade of red without any traces of yellow or blue. True pink flowers go well with white, yellow, or blue blooms.
  • Warm pink flowers have yellow or orange undertones (think coral, peach, and salmon pink) and pair well with red, orange, or yellow flowers and blue-green foliage.
  • Cool pink flowers have a slightly blue or purple tint to them and go well with purple, violet, burgundy, orange, and yellow flowers as well as yellow-green foliage.