Purple Flower Arrangements

From soothing lavender to bold violets, purple flowers have notes of elegance, royalty, mystery, and playfulness. Send purple flowers to unique individuals in your life.

Farm-Fresh, Long-Lasting

white, pink and purple tulip arrangement



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Send Purple Bouquets

Historically, purple dye was rare and expensive, so purple clothes tended to indicate royalty and wealth. While purple clothing is a little easier to come by these days, purple flowers still feel elegant and classy, making them an excellent gift for anybody you hold in high esteem. Additionally, purple flowers have a “fun factor,” making them appropriate for many types of occasions.

Whether you need a purple bouquet or a mixed arrangement, The Bouqs Co. offers the best flowers online. Apart from our lovely Same-Day Bouqs, we don’t cut our flowers until they have been ordered. We then stick them on a flight and send them to you or your loved one as soon as the next day for the freshest flowers you can find.

Fast Delivery for Purple Arrangements

Some of life’s biggest moments - like promotions, babies, and illnesses - don’t give you advance notice. When you need purple flowers fast, we have some arrangements with purple flowers available for next-day or even same-day delivery when you order by 11 a.m. in your recipient’s time zone.

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What Occasions Can I Send Purple Flowers?

Between their vibrant colors and their numerous meanings, purple flower arrangements suit many different occasions, including graduation, birthdays, promotions, anniversaries, baby showers, and more. Since the color purple is closely associated with royalty, you’ll rarely go wrong giving purple flowers as a gift.

What Type of Flowers Are Purple?

Ranging in shade from light lavender to vivacious violet and every hue in between, numerous types of flowers come in purple, including: Verbena, LavenderIndigo, Hyacinth, Aster, Carnations, Calla Lilies, Cosmos, Coneflower, Cyclamen, Crocus, Columbine, Fuschia, Gladiolus, Geraniums, Heliotrope, Lilac, Morning Glories, Pansies, Petunias, Wisteria, Hydrangea, Zinnias, Sweet Pea