Easter Flowers

The only thing better than a bunny! Shop fresh Easter Bouqs that capture the spirit of spring.

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Spring is here, and new life is blooming all around! In keeping with the season of new beginnings, we’re featuring a range of bright Easter flowers that will put an extra spring in your step (or vase)!

Easter Bouquets - A Gift from the Easter Bunny

This refreshing time of year reminds us that better days are always right around the corner. As winter packs its blustery bags and heads into hibernation, spring steps in to crank up the color, sunshine, and joy.

Show Unexpected Kindness by Sending Easter Flowers

Easter is the perfect opportunity to show unexpected kindness by sending an Easter bouquet to somebody who wouldn’t expect it. It could be a coworker, your child’s teacher, your neighbor, or a friend you’ve been out of touch with for a while. Spread a little joy this Easter season!

What Are the Most Popular Easter Flowers?

Flowers are a large part of Easter since they herald spring and symbolize new beginnings and rebirth. Here are some traditional Easter flowers along with their meanings:

  • Easter lilies are an obvious choice for Easter flowers. They’re associated with resurrection and purity due to the Christian legend that these flowers were found growing after Jesus’ death and resurrection where he had prayed the night before his crucifixion.

  • Crocuses represent happiness and youth, perfect for joyous occasions like Easter. They’re a stunning combination of purple or white and gold.

  • Daffodils are one of the first flowers to bloom in early spring and symbolize the arrival of new life.

  • Tulips are among the first flowers to emerge from winter dormancy and so are associated with rebirth. They also represent forgiveness, belief, and love.

  • Hyacinth symbolizes sincerity and constancy. They bloom early in shades of white, pink, and purple.

  • Azaleas are a symbol of moderation, temperance, and love. They are available in many colors and are among the earliest spring-blooming shrubs.

  • Hydrangeas represent understanding and gratitude and come in a variety of colors including white, blue, and pink.

Easter Flower Arrangements

We offer a wide selection of Easter arrangements that are perfect to send to someone who deserves a touch of cheer. From cool pastel lily bouquets to glamorous roses and ultra-captivating sunflowers, our curated collection makes gifting easy and fun. Or, order a bouquet for yourself that you can use as a centerpiece or to glam up your Easter basket.

Flowers for Easter Baskets

Plus, if you’re looking to order beautiful, affordable flowers for an event or large-scale decorative endeavor, The Bouqs Co. has a dedicated team of experienced pros who will help you choose the right flowers for your space –– home, church, community center, office –– and budget. We offer free consultations, one-on-one support, and incredible savings that arrive right on your recipient's doorstep.