Sympathy Flowers

Express compassion and kindness with a thoughtful sympathy flower arrangement. Help console a loved one during a difficult time.

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Sympathy and Remembrance Flowers

Love first. Flowers second. Kindness always. These words are never more true than when you need to send gifts to somebody who has recently suffered the death of a loved one. Experiencing loss is never an easy time for anyone, especially when things hit close to home. If you know someone who is in need of some comfort during these difficult times, sending along a batch of sympathy flowers can express your condolences. With The Bouqs Co., you can buy flowers online, no need to travel to a florist or arrange telephone delivery.

Sympathy Flower Delivery

It isn’t always easy to say the right things, but sending a sympathy arrangement can help let the recipient know that you are keeping them in your thoughts and honor those who have passed. Our sympathy bouquets will help you send condolences for anyone who’s mourning. If you need sympathy flowers on short notice, select one of our bouquets available for same-day delivery via our local florists.

How Much to Spend on Sympathy Flowers

While it depends on your relationship to the deceased, spending between $60-$80 is appropriate for a tasteful sympathy arrangement. If you are closer to the deceased spending more might be appropriate. Remember, its the gesture of kindness that counts the most. Whatever you select will help comfort the grieving family and friends.

Sympathy Flower FAQ

Are flowers an appropriate sympathy gift?

Yes, flowers are a thoughtful sympathy gift. They are a beautiful choice to let somebody know that you're thinking of them during this difficult time of loss. There are no words that can take away a person's grief, so flowers are a tactful way to show a loved one that there are people here that care.

What's the difference between sympathy and funeral flowers?

Sympathy flowers are typically small bouquets sent to a grieving person's home or office. They show your loved one that they're in your thoughts. Funeral flowers are usually larger bouquets, wreaths, or sprays that are sent to the funeral home. These are displayed during the service to honor and remember the departed.

When should I send sympathy flowers?

You can send sympathy flowers any time, but we would suggest that the sooner you can offer your condolences, the better. That's why we offer same or next day delivery on some of our popular Bouqs. If you want to send something to the funeral home, schedule flower delivery for the day before the service.

What are the best flowers to send for sympathy?

Not every flower type is appropriate for every occasion. The bright colors of a "Get Well" Bouq may not suit the muted tone of a funeral, for example. In general, funeral flowers tend to be white or pale pink. More specifically, common funeral flower types include:

  • Lilies have long been popular sympathy flowers since they represent a return to innocence. White lilies, in particular, might be the most common type of flower funeral-goers will see.

  • Chrysanthemums are typical funeral flowers around the world. In Europe, chrysanthemums are so associated with death that they're rarely found in other arrangements, and Asian Pacific countries see white chrysanthemums as a symbol of grief and mourning.

  • Gladioli represent integrity and remembrance. They are often used as a funeral flower for people who were heavily involved in civic duties around their community such as judges, lawyers, and police officers.

  • Carnations are another frequent choice of sympathy flower gifts. White carnations symbolize innocence, while red carnations represent undying love and admiration.

  • Orchids are a lovely option for some women since they represent thoughtfulness and femininity. Pink orchids are the most common color choice for funerals.

  • Roses are the flower of true love, which makes them a natural choice for sympathy flowers. Since roses come in a variety of colors, you can select the color that best represents the deceased or your relationship to them.

What's an appropriate sympathy message to send with my flowers?

We know that it can be tricky figuring out what to write in a card accompanying a sympathy flower delivery. After all, no words exist to cure somebody's grief. Your goal is to express your support for the mourner.  A few phrases that we commonly see on sympathy cards include things like:

  • My thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time.

  • I'm sorry for your loss.

  • My deepest sympathies and sincere condolences as you mourn.