Chrysanthemum Bouquets

Sustainably grown mum bouquets shipped direct to your recipient's doorstep from flower farms all over the world.


sunflower, rose and mum floral mix



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Chrysanthemum Bouquet Delivery

From lasting friendship to romantic devotion, the chrysanthemum flower has so much sentimental meaning attached to it, sending along with any sincere message! As the official birth flower of November, a bouquet of chrysanthemums makes the perfect birthday gift to warm spirits just in time for winter. Plus, their small, delicate petals make a unique addition to any floral arrangement – so if you were looking for petals that pop, then mums are the go-to!

What Are Occasions to Send Chrysanthemums?

For those times you want to send someone a quick pick-me-up, our chrysanthemum bouquets help express all the right things. If it’s a somber occasion for funeral flowers, chrysanthemums are a classic choice to send for sympathy and condolences. Mums also work great as an expression of devotion for an anniversary. They are fantastic to send for housewarming, retirement, or other occasions to commemorate. They also make a great choice to send a friend just because.

What Flowers Pair Well with Chrysanthemums?

Sunflowers, lilies, peonies, and spray roses pair well with mums. At The Bouqs Co., we offer mixed chrysanthemum arrangements perfect for any occasion. Give the gift of sustainability with our eco-friendly flower delivery service! Because the right way is always the farm-fresh way.