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Virgo Birth Flower: Chrysanthemum

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If you’re scanning through bouquets of sunflowers, tulips, and daisies, wondering which flowers your favorite Virgo will enjoy, stop. We’re here to tell you all about the Virgo birth flower: the chrysanthemum.

The chrysanthemum is renowned for its flawless arrangement of petals and its captivating beauty. Hence, it’s no surprise that practical and kind-hearted Virgos claim this flower as their own. Stick around to discover more about the Virgo zodiac flower and why it suits this sign so well.

Virgo Birth Flower: The Chrysanthemum

Virgos, born between August 23 and September 22, are symbolized by a maiden. These people are known for their attention to detail, quest for perfection, hardworking nature, kindness, and selflessness. When you consider these characteristics, it makes sense that the Virgo birth flower is the prolific, beautiful, and elegant chrysanthemum.

Not only do chrysanthemums represent Virgos well, but they also make great gifts for this zodiac sign.

First, Virgos will love fawning over the flower’s perfectly-arranged layers of petals. After all, this sign is known for its attention to detail and love of quiet, introspective time. However, Virgos also enjoy shedding their serious demeanor and embracing fun, which means they’ll love the chrysanthemum’s vibrant colors and intriguing shapes.

When you give a Virgo a big bouquet of mums, you may be met with a quiet “thank you” or slight smile. But don’t mistake this reserved display of emotions as a sign that you’ve chosen the wrong gift. Your Virgo is probably beaming inside but also a little afraid of letting their true joy show.

Chrysanthemum Symbolism and Meaning

We know the chrysanthemum is the Virgo zodiac flower. But what does this flower symbolize?

The exact meaning of the chrysanthemum depends on where you’re located, as well as the flower color. That said, these flowers are frequently seen as symbols of happiness, joy, and optimism, especially in the United States.

Giving a Virgo a chrysanthemum that is their favorite color is a fail-proof option. However, you can also turn to the meaning of each chrysanthemum color when selecting your bouquet.


  • Red: red mums symbolize passionate love and romance, so they’re great gifts for occasions like Valentine’s Day and anniversaries
  • Orange: bronze and bright orange mums are linked to feelings of happiness and contentment, so they’re a good gift for a wide range of occasions
  • Yellow: bright yellow mums are a sure sign of cheerfulness and joy
  • Pink: a symbol of a loving friendship and platonic affection
  • Purple: purple and violet mums symbolize care and respect, which fits right in with Virgos’ caring nature
  • White: people in the United States link these flowers to innocence and purity, but they’re often signs of mourning and death in parts of Europe


Chrysanthemum Varieties

When you think of mums, you may imagine the potted plants that pop up on porches come fall. But there are so many more types of chrysanthemums than these simple, hardy mums!

Horticulturists divide chrysanthemums into 13 different classifications based on their flower shape and form. These range from the ordinary ‘decorative’ mums that feature short petals and a somewhat flattened form to ‘spider’ mums known for their long ray florets that curve upward at their tips.

You can find an array of color combinations and cultivars in these classifications. Looking for a chrysanthemum for a Virgo that likes bold statement pieces? Then check out the quill mum ‘Seaton’s Ashleigh,’ which resembles a bright pink sea urchin. For something more subdued,  consider the pale yellow ‘Moonbeam’ pompon mums that resemble a full moon.

Chrysanthemum Fun Facts

Along with being beautiful, chrysanthemums are fascinating flowers. Whether you’re interested in history, chemistry, or art, you can find a way that chrysanthemums tie in with your passions. To help illustrate this point, we’ll introduce some of the best chrysanthemum facts.

You may want to thank the chrysanthemum if you’ve used organic pest control methods. That’s because these plants produce compounds known as pyrethrins, which are a natural form of pest control. When pyrethrins come into contact with pests like flea beetles and aphids, they paralyze the critters and help save your plants.

Now that we’ve covered chemistry let’s take a look at history. The chrysanthemum originated in China as early as the 15th century BC, where people first grew it for its edible leaves and medicinal petals rather than its beautiful flowers. These edible chrysanthemum shoots, also known as shungiku, are still eaten throughout much of East Asia.

Eventually, the chrysanthemum made its way to Japan, where it eventually became the symbol of the Imperial Family. It is still an important flower in the country and is seen as a National symbol.

Additional Virgo Birth Flowers

Leaning on a person’s zodiac sign is one way to determine what flower they may like, but you can also turn to their birth month. While Virgos celebrate their birthdays in either August or September, neither of these months have the chrysanthemum as their birth flower. August birth flowers are the gladiolus and poppy, and September birth flowers are the aster and morning glory.

Along with looking at birth month flowers, you can also turn to other flowers that represent the Virgo. While the chrysanthemum is the official Virgo birth flower, some other flowers fall in line behind the mums. All of these flowers relate to Virgos’ reserved and hard-working nature and their understated yet unbreakable kindness and selflessness.


First, there’s the poppy. These flowers’ delicate and seemingly easygoing nature relates to the Virgos’ tendency to step back from the limelight. However, both poppies and Virgos have a personal strength that’s hard to ignore once you recognize it.


Some people also view the buttercup as a Virgo zodiac flower. That’s because buttercups also feature beautiful and delicate flowers that people often overlook. 

But don’t let these fragile flowers fool you into thinking buttercup plants are easy to trample over. Many of these plants have creeping stolons that resist challenges like dry soil and competing vegetation.


It’s true that the chrysanthemum is in the Aster family, Asteraceae. However, there is a specific Aster genus within this same family. These plants are known for their simple yet beautiful round flowers and their tough nature.

Learn More About Zodiac Flowers

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Regardless of what zodiac sign you’re buying for, you can order a birthday flower delivery that they’ll love. And when you order from The Bouqs Co., you can rest easy knowing that your flowers are farm-fresh and responsibly sourced.

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