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Leo Birth Flower: Sunflower

Field of bright sunflowers blooming against the blue sky

The practice and influence of astrology dates back to ancient times, relied upon for guidance in all aspects of life. To varying degrees, we consult the zodiac to inform and enrich our decisions and environments. Astrology relies heavily on nature, symbolism, and the depths of human complexity and connection, so it makes sense that the zodiac signs are all associated with flowers that share and complement the attributes of each profile.

The relationship between astrology and flowers is powerful in the way they enhance our sense of uniqueness and personal beauty, embodying the characteristics that speak to our most fundamental selves. Many people fill their environment with elements of astrology for this reason, and the benefits of keeping flowers in the picture are layered. Aside from the flowers’ own symbolic value, flowers — and notably gifts of flowers — have been shown in studies to have a remarkably positive effect on mental health. That’s a pretty valuable feature in any self care routine!

Zodiac signs are typically represented by a few flowers, with a primary one that’s most widely associated with the sign. Having more than one flower expands the spectrum of symbolism and possibilities for personalization. In the case of Leo birth flowers, the primary one is the sunflower (helianthus), and a few other common Leo zodiac flowers include marigold, safflower, dahlia, and clivia. If you know someone whose birthday falls between July 23 and August 23, think about gifting them some sunflowers for their special day!

Sunflower Symbolism/Meaning

The zodiac sign Leo is represented by a lion, so the appearance of the sunflower, with its large blooms, usually a spray of bright yellow petals bursting mane-like from a brown or yellow center, might seem like a good enough reason for the connection. But let’s look deeper, at the symbolism of the Leo birth flower. The great thing about flower symbolism is that it ignores those negative traits and celebrates the most desirable of our attributes.

The reason that the sunflower is the Leo zodiac flower is that it highlights the most delightful Leo characteristics. Sunflowers symbolize loyalty, adoration, happiness, and of course, a love for the sun. Some of the things we appreciate most about our Leo loved ones are their bright, sunny dispositions (and yes, including their love of being the center of attention!), their generosity, and their fierce Leo loyalty. If you’re really digging the symbolism, check out July birth flowers to see just how personal you can get with a birthday bouquet!

Sunflower Varieties for All the Leos in Your Life

There are over 150 species and countless varieties of sunflower, some in colors like white or deep red, atypical of the bright yellow varieties that usually come to mind, and though we think of this Leo birth flower as being tall with huge blooms, some varieties are significantly smaller. Here are a few of the most popular sunflower varieties.

  • Early Black Heart – bright gold petals around a large dark brown center, a gardener’s favorite for its remarkably rapid maturity and manageable size, this variety is pollen-free, making it perfect for bouquets.
  • Busy Bee – golden yellow petals around a deep brown center, like the name implies, this short variety with large blooms attracts lots of pollinators.
  • Candy Mountain – petals are red near the center and pale yellow at the tips, with one stalk producing multiple flowers.
  • Claret – bright, rich red petals stand out in gardens and bouquets, and the seeds of this variety are edible.
  • Goldy Honey Bear – noted for unique yellow pom-pom blooms, this variety grows tall with blooms up to seven inches in diameter.
  • Moulin Rouge – saturated deep red petals that don’t fade, with a reddish brown center, the large, pollen-free blooms make a striking dramatic accent in a garden or bouquet.
  • Italian White – more delicate but just as sturdy, with creamy white petals surrounding a dark brown center, Italian Whites are excellent pollinators, and stunning in a mixed bouquet of sunflowers.

Sunflower Fun Facts/History

The sunflower is native to North America, and we can thank Native Americans, the indigenous stewards of the Americas, for cultivating sunflowers as far back in history as 3,000 BC. It’s one of the oldest American crops, likely grown long before corn and beans were introduced in North America. It was used from its first origins for medicinal purposes, and as a valuable food source for humans, animals, and other plant life. Indigenous cultures found a broad scope of uses for sunflowers, including pigment for textile dye and body paint. The oils serve a multitude of uses, and even the stalks were dried for uses such as building materials.

Sunflowers were significant in Incan and Aztec culture. Depicted on Aztec shields, they were a symbol of war. Both cultures worshipped sunflowers, believing them to attract the spirits of the dead because of their resemblance to the sun. The Aztecs made sunflower images from gold to place in their temples, and offered crowns of sunflowers to princesses.  

It wasn’t until around 1,500 AD that sunflowers were introduced to Europe, where they were primarily ornamental. Sunflowers became significant in Russia by the early 19th century, prized in part for its oil. Today sunflower seeds are a common snack just about everywhere, and we continue to reap many rewards from the glorious sunflower.

Secondary Leo Birth Flowers

There are a few other flowers identified as Leo zodiac flowers, with their own connection to Leo traits. Dahlia, with its lion-headed blooms, can’t help but stand out in a crowd, just like our Leo friends. Safflower and clivia both have an intimidating outer appearance, but soft, delicate flowers inside, mirroring Leo’s tough exterior protecting a kind, generous heart, and marigolds represent the happy home that sunny Leos love to nurture.

More About Zodiac Flowers

You can see how Leo birth flower choices open up the possibilities to personalize a bouquet and treat your favorite Leo to a birthday flower delivery. If you enjoy this gift option, we have good news – it’s available year-round, because there are flowers for every zodiac sign. Planning ahead for a special Virgo? Have a little fun checking out Virgo birth flowers next! The Bouqs has all your flower delivery needs covered, with a commitment to sustainable farming and delivery. For our customers, that means responsibly sourced flowers delivered from the farm to your door for the freshest, longest-lasting blooms possible!

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