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The Best Succulents for Apartment Living

Best Indoor Succulents

Whether you’re obsessed with their aesthetic or their easy-going nature, succulents are a top choice for apartment dwellers for a reason: they’re notoriously low maintenance. With varying levels of sunlight, space, and water needs, indoor succulents are a great option for apartment living. Succulents produce a wealth of interesting facts.

The ever-popular breed of plants comes in several different varieties, so which are the best indoor succulents for apartment living? Here are four plants perfectly suited for your effortlessly chic apartment decor and a few tips for how to water succulents.

Popular Indoor Succulents


If you’ve ever wondered “how to water succulents?” then this easy-to-maintain plant is for you. With once-a-week watering, your cactus will be thriving. Cacti are fun, green, and a pointed conversation starter. They’re also perfect whether your space is decorated with tribal statues, mid-century modern minimalism, or a funky mix of both.

Aloe Vera

Doubling as a DIY first aid kit for anything from sunburn to dehydration, aloe vera is an excellent succulent that is difficult to kill. Aloe plants need to be watered regularly, but you need to let the top two inches of soil dry out before you water again.

Paddle Plant

If you want something a little more dainty than the average succulent, the paddle plant may be your top choice. It needs bright light, but like other succulents has minimal water needs. Paddle plants are exceptionally happy in warmer environments, like your heated apartment throughout winter.

Jade Plants

If you’re not into the look of succulents, but you still want the hardiness, jade plants are a perfect mix of low-maintenance and fun. Jade plants grow to be large plant babies and are incredibly low maintenance, but they can be propagated when you’re ready for more apartment succulents.

Top Tips for Succulent Care Success

Indoor succulents are only pretty when they’re thriving, and unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Because they require so little attention, they can sometimes get a little too little or a little too much. Here are two common succulent care problems and solutions.

Is my succulent getting enough sunlight?

If your succulent starts to look tall and scrawny, it’s probably not getting enough natural light. Move the succulent to the sunniest window in your apartment for a few days. If you’re not sure where the sunspots are because you’re working the night shift or because you’re at work throughout the daylight hours, find a south-facing window using the compass on your phone.

My succulent is dropping leaves. Help?

If your succulent’s leaves are falling off, it’s because it’s in full-blown panic mode. You’re either (a) overwatering it, (b) freezing it to death, or (c) you moved it and it didn’t have a chance to get used to its new environment. Instead of panicking, check the temperature, check your watering schedule, and check the lighting.

If caring for succulents just isn’t your thing, but you still want a natural look and feel in your home, liven up your space with some Bouqs. Choosing handmade Bouqs with your favorite blooms is a beautiful way to put your personal touch on your space. Shop our succulent collection now to add instant flair to your interior design.

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