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September Birth Flowers: Aster and Morning Glory

Purple asters growing outside

The two September birth flowers are asters and morning glories, both of which love the crisp air of early fall and each evokes the best aspects of those fading summer days. The aster’s starlike flowers bloom in a range of colors reminiscent of sunsets, and morning glories revel in the crisp, dewy morning air. The custom of birth month flowers dates back to ancient Rome, ultimately spanning the globe, and resulting in two flowers representing each month’s birthdays. 

The flowers that represent each month are typically in their peak growing season, and present just enough flexibility and choice to personalize birthday flowers in many different ways. For starters, there’s a choice of flower, which in this case might include a preference – or not – for early mornings! But flowers come in different varieties and colors, and each flower has its own symbolism – and the colors of that flower have their own meanings! So you can see how a little information about the September birth flower choices can help you choose a uniquely personalized  birthday bouquet!

Primary September Birth Flower: Aster (Aster)

Close-up of aster flowers growing in the sun

Most often found in shades of purple, periwinkle, blue, pink, and white, with yellow or white centers, spiky aster flowers resemble twilight stars, and are a favorite in ornamental and cutting gardens, popular in seasonal flower arrangements. While a lot of summer flowers are fading out, asters provide a reliable riot of color in the garden and in seasonal bouquets well into fall. It’s easy to see why they’re a favorite of gardeners and florists, as well as one of the two September birth month flowers.

Aster Symbolism

From the latin for star, aster’s association with the night sky are interwoven with its symbolism. Associated with love, patience, loyalty, and wisdom, asters are symbolic of enchantment and awe. In the Victorian language of flowers known as floriography, asters express unspoken love and admiration. Asters are often given as symbols of good luck, good fortune, or to express gratitude or enchantment. 

Aster Varieties

There are countless varieties of aster, providing a range of vivid colors just as many summer flowers are fading, which is one of the reasons for their status as some of the most sought after flowers for cutting gardens.

  • Hamilton’s Pink – bright pink petals radiating from a yellow center
  • Purple Cloud – iridescent looking periwinkle petals with an orange/gold center
  • September Ruby – small blooms with rows of spiky ruby-red petals around a gold center
  • Kickin’ Lilac Blue -dense, abundant flower clusters with rare true blue petals
  • Lou Williams – wide petals in rich fall shades of ruby and plum

Aster History and Trivia

Asters were considered sacred flowers in Greek and Roman mythology. The Greek goddess Astraea is said to have cried them into existence as her tears turned to asters. In both Greek and Roman cultures, aster leaves were burned to ward off snakes and evil spirits. Asters are still used for medicinal purposes to treat coughs, colds, sore throats, and headaches.

Flowers often play a significant role in our cultural and political histories, and asters enjoy this distinction. Artists and poets have made asters the subject of great works, notably painters Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet, and poet Robert Frost. The flowers are politically significant to both world wars. During the Aster Revolution of Hungary in the wake of World War I, demonstrators in support of the revolution wore asters on their hats, and in France, after World War II, it was customary to lay asters by the graves of soldiers.

Secondary September Birth Flower: Morning Glory (Ipomoea)

Blue morning glories growing outside

If watching the sunrise with nature’s early risers appeals to any September babies you know, maybe they need a morning glory vine in their life! The trumpet-shaped flowers in shades of blue, purple, pink, red, and white, seem to shimmer in the morning light, and are sure to attract butterflies! As the name implies, morning glories only show their brilliance in the early part of the day. The flowers open as the sun rises, and close by the afternoon, until the next morning. 

Morning Glory Symbolism

Because of their short-lived blooming habits, morning glories symbolize the temporary and finite nature of life. Morning glories are also symbols of both unrequited and undying love. Pink morning glories symbolize energy and appreciation, red ones, passion and strength. Blue ones represent lasting love and desire, purple means wealth, hope, and grace, and like most white flowers, white morning glories symbolize innocence and purity. 

Morning Glory Varieties

There are so many color combinations and shades, there’s one for every gardener’s taste. No matter what morning glory variety you choose, it’s sure to live up to its name!

  • Caprice – pale blue with a lavender star in the center
  • Celestial Mix – a mix of deep, saturated purple and blue shades, with some white flowers accented with purple or blue
  • Grandpa Ott – dark purple petals with red streaked throats forming a star
  • Knowlians Black – deep reddish purple blooms that can appear almost black
  • Pearly Gates – solid bright white flowers with dark leaves

Morning Glory History and Trivia

Native to subtropical Central and South America, morning glories have historically been grown and valued for their ornamental aesthetic, and for medicinal purposes as an anti-inflammatory, and for healing wounds and treating digestive issues. The seeds of some species have psychoactive properties that have an effect similar to LSD, and are used by Aztec, Mayan, and Native American tribes,meticulously prepared by shamans for spiritual rituals. Artist Georgia O’Keeffe painted “Blue Morning Glories” in 1938, which became one of her most recognizable works.

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