Freesia flash a sweet scent and compelling buds that bloom along each stem. They are symbolic for friendship and trust, making them perfect gifts for your besties.

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What exactly makes a freesia flower special? First and foremost, their oh-so-sweet scent that will quite literally freshen up any room you place them in. The elegant white blooms emit a subtle fragrance that are sure to bring that nice touch to a space that doesn’t need any added character. If you’re looking for petals with a more intense fragrance, the pink and purple flowers really make themselves known with a scent that packs a punch! These blooms also have quite a unique funnel-shape, so they add a lot of character to any Bouq (or they can take the spotlight on their own)! But of course, we can’t forget one of the main reasons why freesia flowers can grace any space of your choosing – they’re just packed with more blooms per stem, so they have a lot more to bring to the table.

These petals are actually wonderfully symbolic of friendship and gratitude, which is why freesias would be the go-to gift for your closest friends on National Best Friends Day or your siblings. They would even be great for people you want to show a bit of appreciation to -- co-workers, family, teachers, you name it! No matter who you choose to gift these beauties to, freesia flowers will get any sweet message across.

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