Calla Lilies

The sleek form of this flower makes them the ideal choice for weddings and formal events. There's nothing quite like a calla lily bouquet.

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Pink and Yellow Roses with Mini Calla Lilies

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We all have our own taste and style and sometimes it changes based on our mood, the season, or the occasion. But when it comes to flowers, no one can deny the “wow” factor that calla lilies have. Alone or in a mixed bouquet, callas are impossible to ignore. Their sleek shape and smooth petals make them soft on the eyes and irresistible to touch! They bring an unexpected pop of boldness you didn’t realize you were missing.

Calla Lily Bouquet

You can’t go wrong with a calla bouquet for your formal events or special occasions. An ivory white and purple calla lily arrangement adds the perfect touch of romance. But don’t overlook them for your casual moments. Bold, bright choices like a purple calla lily bouquet will make your home feel modern, stylish and alive. Calla lilies can make any statement you want — whether it’s sweet and playful, romantic and loving, or anything in between. Just mix up the colors or keep it solid. So, what will your callas say?


How much does a bouquet of calla lilies cost?

Our calla lily bouquets usually cost around $50-$60 for original size bouquets. That’s before a subscriber discount of 30% off. We offer very reasonable prices considering calla lilies fall on the expensive end of flowers you can select for a bouquet. Callas generally cost more because fewer farmers grow callas than roses or carnations.

What season are calla lilies available?

Calla lilies typically bloom in June and July in the northern hemisphere. We can offer calla lilies all year round because we source calla lilies from farms in Ecuador and Columbia near the equator where the conditions are ideal for flourishing callas all year.

What flowers go well with calla lilies in a bouquet?

Roses and hydrangeas are great focal partners for calla lilies in elegant bouquets. The different petal types look wonderful when arranged together in a bouquet. Eucalyptus and ruscus are green stems that also pair well with the delicate beauty of calla lilies. In planters, petunias, ferns, dahlias, and gladiolus look great with perennial callas.