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Rose Color Guide: What Do All the Colors Mean?

What Rose Colors Mean

For centuries, roses have held special meaning for friends, lovers, and those stuck in the friendzone. They’ve been referenced by countless poets and authors, such as Shakespeare and Anne Bronte, who valued them for their awesome beauty and metaphorical status. But what does a white rose mean? Or a red rose? In fact, what do all the colors of roses mean?

We’ve decided to investigate because the last thing you want is to send a friend the wrong message by sending them a Bouq of roses in a color that’s intended for a lover. From investigating white rose symbolism to helping you find the perfect rose color for your mom, here are all your rose color questions, answered.

1. What Does a Red Rose Mean? (Passion and Love)

Red has historically been a color associated with passion and love, so it’s no surprise that the red rose holds the #1 spot for the “Rose Most Associated with Love.”

A dozen red roses is a perfect Valentine’s gift that simply says: “I love you.” Though that also applies to a single red rose, or pretty much any number of red roses. Basically, if you give someone red roses, they’ll know that you’re really into them.

2. What Does a White Rose Mean? (Innocence and Rebirth)

A favorite of wedding planners everywhere, white roses symbolism includes innocence and new beginnings. It is also known as the bridal rose for those precise reasons, so if you’re planning a wedding expect to be seeing a lot of white rose floral arrangement options.

With their connotations of innocence, they are also a favorite for children’s coming of age celebrations, such as bat-mitzvahs and holy communions.

3. What Does a Pink Rose Mean? (Gratitude and Appreciation)

The “Thank You” flower, sending pink roses has long been associated with gratitude and appreciation. Whoever the person is, be it your mom, a friend who was there for you during a tough time, or even just someone who swooped in unexpectedly to majorly save the day, a Bouq of pink roses is the perfect way to tell them how thankful you are that they’re in your life.

4. What Does an Orange Rose Mean? (Enthusiasm)

Orange roses give a flash of fire-like energy to any Bouq, and that passion translates into enthusiasm, curiosity, and excitement. Like any rose, they can be sent in romantically, especially at the start of a new relationship or at any other new coming together, like of business partners or families.

5. What Does a Lavender Rose Mean? (Enchantment and Love at First Sight)

Lavender roses have become emblematic of that wonderful elated enchantment when seeing someone makes you feel like you’re floating away. Love at first sight, in other words. But is it just hormones, or desperation, or that third Miller Lite? Is it something, is it not? Send them a Bouq of lavender roses and find out.

6. What Does a Green Rose Mean? (Growth)

The color most associated with life and growth is also a popular rose color for the right occasion. The perfect time to give green roses is at the launch of something that will hope to grow bigger, like a new company, sports team or, especially, a garden center.

7. What Does a Black Rose Mean? (Endings and Farewells)

For darker occasions or people, black roses are a sign of something ending, which makes them an appropriate rose for funerals. They can also make a quirky gift for someone celebrating the end of something they’re happy to get out of the way, like a divorce or finally upgrading their battered old car.


You might be thinking we missed a few colors. You’re right! We wrote an entire post about the meaning of yellow roses so head over there next. As well as having one of the most captivating scents of all the flower world, the delicate petals and intricate overlapping of roses make them the perfect choice for a Bouq. With the added bonus of each different color’s special meaning, having one of our handcrafted, farm-fresh Bouqs delivered to someone you care for is an excellent way to send a beautiful message.

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