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Plants That Repel Unwanted Insects

Insect Repellent Plants

Picture it: you are relaxing in your backyard with a book or a magazine and a drink. It’s your ultimate chill spot! You are thinking of taking a nice nap in the sunshine when the bugs and flies start buzzing around your face. There isn’t much more than a nasty bug that can ruin your relaxing afternoon.

Instead of stressing about the bugs or applying a chemical filled insect repellent, why not grow some plants that repel insects? There are a plethora of plants that will do the job of keeping nasty bugs away from your personal space. If you need a bug free zone to chill in, try one of the following plants that acts as a natural insect repellent.



Keep pots of fresh basil handy in your kitchen for fresh cooking- and to get rid of the flies! Basil doesn’t just taste good, it also repels house flies and mosquitoes. These mosquito repellant plants can also be made into an all natural insect repellent spray. Let four to six ounces of fresh cleaned basil steep in boiling water. Strain the leaves out and mix thoroughly with cheap vodka and keep in a spray bottle in the fridge.


Is there anything this miracle plant can’t do? Lavender looks great, smells intoxicatingly beautiful, helps you de-stress, and repels moths, flies, and mosquitoes. While humans love the smell of lavender, lots of bugs hate it! Keeping a bundle of dried lavender in your house will keep your room smelling nice and keep the bugs out.


Lemongrass contains the natural oil citronella, and citronella is often made into candle to repel mosquitoes. Lemongrass is not just a great mosquito and insect repellant plant, it also can be used as a seasoning and is often used in many Asian recipes.


This flower can be added to your garden as a mosquito repellant plant, but it also naturally repels aphids! If you live in an area with lots of wild rabbits eating your plants, marigolds will keep them away as well.


Plant petunias in your garden and keep the pests away! These flowers are often thought of as nature’s pesticide. They can keep aphids, tomato hornworms, asparagus beetles, leafhoppers and squash bugs away. Plus, they come in lots of bright colors so they are a beautiful and useful addition to any garden.


As far as plants that repel insects, mint is tasty, pretty, and useful! Keep pots of mint around your garden and will keep the mosquitoes away. Brew a tea of mint, and you will keep your stomach ache away. It’s a win win plant!


Rosemary is a great fresh herb to have on hand to cook with, plus keeping pots of it in your house or garden will help you repel mosquitoes, flies, and vegetable plant bugs. It can be grown inside and outside your home, as long as it gets plenty of sunlight and is occasionally misted with water.


Fennels scent keeps away slugs, aphids, and snails and are good additions to your garden. This flower has been popular for some time- in Ancient Greece it was even used to honor the gods. Keeping bugs away is a god-like task indeed!


Both a beautiful flower and a powerful insect repellant, chrysanthemums can repel roaches, ants, Japanese beetles, ticks, silverfish, lice, fleas, bed bugs, spider mites and some other insects! Be careful if you choose to make your own insect repellent with chrysanthemums, however, because it can be cancerous in large doses and can be toxic to pets.


When added to your garden, nasturtiums can repel whiteflies, squash bugs, aphids, and many beetles. Because of this, they are a good choice to plant near your vegetable gardens. While these flowers repel lots of insects, they do not repel bumblebees so the pollinating insects are safe!


Whether you just can’t repel insects and are throwing in the towel or have never tried growing an outdoor garden at all, you can still bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home with one of our farm-fresh Bouqs.

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