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Winter Wedding Flowers & Dresses

Bride standing next to an open window in her white wedding dress

Are you dreaming of your wedding day set within the frosty season? We can’t blame you. Celebrating your special day in a winter wonderland presents a fun, creative challenge matching winter wedding dresses to flower arrangements that create colorful contrast.

Sure, making everything white may make things easier, but there are a lot more options for matching your wedding flowers to your dress that aren’t only sustainable, affordable and beautiful, they’re exactly what you had in mind.

Aside from nature being a beautiful backdrop to take wedding pictures in front of, there are a lot of benefits to taking your vows in the off-season. Timing weddings closer to the holidays is trending because of the availability of venues. Plus, it’s a popular time for guests to travel.

But don’t let the thought of picking out winter wedding flowers to match your dress give you the blues. We’re here to help make your celebration (and your planning) bright by giving you some top tips on just how to find the freshest blooms to match your big-day gown.

Choose Your Wedding Dress Before Your Flowers

Ideally, you’ll want to pick out your wedding dress before your flowers. Or at the very least, have a good idea of what kind of outfit you’d like to wear. This is because your bouquet design will somewhat depend on your dress’s shape, style, and details.

When choosing your arrangements, especially your bouquets, think about how they will balance the shape of your outfit and if they will compliment your wedding theme. For example, you don’t want your bouquet to be so big that it covers the lovely lace detail on the bodice of your gown. And you wouldn’t necessarily want to carry a bohemian-inspired bouquet while wearing a more modern cut gown.

Considering the style of your dress and the theme that runs through your attire and wedding theme will help you pick the best flowers.

Consider the Color of Your Wedding Dress

As with many wedding planning decisions, color is key. Particularly when it comes to matching flowers to your winter wedding dress.

And just because you’re having a winter season ceremony, it doesn’t mean that you’re limited to a holiday-esque color palette.

To help you curate the perfect bunch of blooms, look to your gown’s color for inspiration. If you’re going for a traditional look, your dress is probably white, ivory, cream, or a similar subtle shade. When considering what kinds of flowers go best with winter wedding wear, keep these ideas in mind:

  • Pair white flowers with lichen-covered branches for a wintry woodland look.
  • Slightly shift from stark white to warm shades like bisque, toast, and wheat.
  • Purples and pinks look gorgeous against silver.
  • Add pops of red berries and greenery to your bouquet for a festive twist.

The great thing about timeless whites is that they easily match with other shades. And you can create all kinds of looks to complement your winter wedding theme.

Think About the Size and Shape of Your Bouquet

Once you have your dress picked out and have played with color palettes, you can start thinking about your bridal bouquet’s size, shape, and overall texture. As we mentioned above, the bouquet should balance out the dress style and flatter the lines. One should never overshadow the other.

Does your dress have beading? Ditch a dramatic arrangement and instead consider a simple bouquet of a single type of flower.

If your gown is covered in lace or appliques, consider carrying wedding roses for winter weddings. Ivory garden roses can look especially striking against a winter wedding gown.

If your gown has a sleek silhouette, you can opt for a larger bouquet that’s designed asymmetrically.

Romantic-style dresses go beautifully with garden-style bouquets that have a feminine touch.

Find Out Which Flowers are in Season

Spring and summer may be when flowers are most abundant, but winter has its share of seasonal beauties.

The Bouqs Co. sustainably sources flowers directly from farms all over the world, so you have direct access to fresh flowers in any season. For the frosty months, we have everything from modern winter wedding flowers to classically romantic bouquets.

Our Winter Wedding Flower Winners

Always Collection

This arrangement has a subtly colorful, classic wedding aesthetic, including spray roses, eucalyptus, safari sunset, focal roses, and bold greenery accents. This floral theme would provide the perfect color palette for brides wearing traditional white winter wedding dresses who appreciate some contrast from their flowers.

Eternal Collection

This collection combines mums, roses, carnations, limonium, and eucalyptus for a wedding flower package that is just breathtaking right out of the box. With multiple options for focal colors, the overall look of your wedding flowers is guaranteed to have an eternal beauty.

Forever Collection

For modern styling that’s perfect for every venue from black tie to garden chic, this classy palette of calla lilies, parviflora, eucalyptus, roses and spray roses are ideal for your late-season wedding. The Forever Collection has a sophisticated look for a touch of class. When we shop for flowers that suit the wedding venue and the seasonal backdrop, DIY wedding flower options that are easy to put together and affordable can make all the difference. We recommend a range of options that offer brides a balanced blend of creativity and affordability.

Cherish Collection

This collection includes roses in two color options, including red, hydrangeas, and parviflora with green accents. Picking a focal red for your main flower makes this stunning floral wedding arrangement the perfect way to add a warm glow to winter wedding dresses.

Devotion Collection

Among the most popular DIY wedding collections, this wedding flower package includes roses, calla lilies, snapdragons, eucalyptus and dianthus. For a floral package with symbolic themes of passion and romance, these bouquets are wedding decor everyone will admire.

Truly Collection

With its classic look, this rose wedding arrangement includes greenery accents that add subtle color that doesn’t distract from the bride. It includes mini callas, leather leaf, three kinds of roses, and carnations for an elegant floral bouquet.

Blissful Collection

Blissful is a beautiful bouquet option if you want to stick with the monochromatic winter white look. It features roses, spray roses, eucalyptus silver dollar, dusty miller, and mums. Don’t want the all-white style? This collection also comes in a variety of other colors, including blush and lavender, which look equally as lovely for a winter wedding.

Persephone Collection

Even if you’re not dashing through the snow on your wedding day, the Persephone Collection will present a dashing array of pale pink peonies. Peonies for winter? Yes, it’s true! Thanks to The Bouqs global farm access, you can now have these pillowy petals in any season.

Wedding Trends for 2023

To dive even deeper into picking out the right flowers for winter wedding dresses, we can look to the top wedding trends for 2023. Use these as inspiration and a jumping off point for your winter wedding attire and flowers.


Inside-out weddings are exactly how they sound. Everything flows from the inside (venue/house) to the outside (garden/patio/beach/etc.). These kinds of weddings are gaining in popularity, as couples continue to embrace open-air gatherings. Wedding decor will spill out from the indoors to the venue’s exterior and create a fluid celebration.


A growing trend in all seasons is the appearance of a bridal wreath. We mostly think of wreaths around the holiday season for decorating our front doors, but suddenly we see brides walking down the aisle with bridal wreaths. Wedding wreaths, in addition to bouquets, add a festive flair to cooler season ceremonies.

For a stunning statement with an understated aesthetic, bridal wreaths with white flowers are particularly impressive, matched with winter wedding dresses.


The search is on for two-piece wedding gowns and bridal separates. In fact, according to a finding by Hitched, searches have gone up over 100 percent! So what is it about two-piece dresses and suits that get brides excited?

For one, they can easily create different looks for day and night. Start the ceremony wearing a top and overskirt with pants underneath. Then take off the skirt and head into the reception with your dancing pants on.

Bridal separates are also an ideal option for less decisive brides. Have your eye on a ball gown but really love the look of the bodice on that other dress? Enter the world of two-pieces, where you’ll have endless possibilities to mix and match your dream bridal style.

Another reason brides are ditching traditional gowns for two-piece dresses, pantsuits, and separates is because they’re also ditching the big, traditional wedding altogether. Over the past two years, we’ve seen a rise in micro weddings, elopements, and civil ceremonies, and their popularity will continue into the following year. As a result, brides are searching for more casual wedding attire and styles that better suit their needs.

Winter Wedding Flowers for Your Dream Dress

If you’re interested in finding out what our floral team can do to help you match your winter wedding dress (or suit!) with the perfect bunch of blooms, feel free to reach out. We love having the opportunity to assist couples in discovering the treasure trove of options they have for at-home flower delivery that feels good.

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