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A Breakdown of Anniversary Flowers by Year

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Anniversaries are uniquely connected to the people who reach them. We celebrate them for different reasons: marriages, partnerships, jobs, even friendships. And we all have our own special memories of those occasions. It’s customary to give anniversary flowers, and as you’ll see, there’s a good reason. Flowers are full of symbolism, helping us express just how special the years are. They aren’t just for Valentine’s Day

Do you have an important anniversary coming up? Just as there are gifts for each anniversary year, there’s a different flower for each anniversary. Take a look through the following guide, and your upcoming anniversary gift will bloom with the extra thought you put into it!

First Anniversary – Carnation

First anniversaries are special. Everything is still new, but you’ve hit an important milestone. Carnations symbolize the promise of young, passionate love, which is why they are the traditional first-anniversary flower.

Second Anniversary – Cosmo

Cosmos represent a transformation from a simple state to a more nuanced one. The second year has brought a more complex nature to the relationship, and Cosmos are an apt way to acknowledge that connection.

Third Anniversary – Sunflower

Sturdy and vibrant, the sunflower embodies the strength and brightness of your third year. The stalk is said to represent the strong foundation of the relationship, and the vivid gold petals, the rays of light always shining in.

Fourth Anniversary – Geranium

In the fourth year, a sense of familiarity settles in, like a favorite sweater. Geraniums symbolize comfort and beauty, perfect for the first anniversary.

Fifth Anniversary – Daisy

The significance of daisies is in their structure. Their petals fan out energetically from a strong center, just as in a relationship, each of you grows individually, connected by a solid foundation.

Sixth Anniversary – Calla Lily

Calla Lilies are slender and graceful, sweeping up toward the sky with elegant blooms. They’re a lovely representation of the quiet ways each partner has grown in six years.

Seventh Anniversary – Freesia

Freesias are eye-catching, with fragrant buds staggered along the stem. They’re perfect for highlighting the unique traits of each partner. The freesia has a pleasing fragrance that’s often used in candles, soaps, and perfumes. So for the seventh anniversary, you can go with freesias, scented products, or go all in with both!

Eighth Anniversary – Clematis

Clematis is a gardener’s favorite. In vivid colors and bright white, Clematis signifies strong intellect and the promise of growing old together beyond the eighth year.

Ninth Anniversary – Poppy

Poppies symbolize imagination and tranquility. Your ninth year in partnership brings peace and contentedness. A gift of poppies ushers in the tenth year with a creative, calm vibe.

Tenth Anniversary – Daffodil

This is a milestone anniversary, and optimistic daffodils fit the bill perfectly. Dependable every year, and relentlessly sunny without blinding you, a big bouquet of daffodils is a brilliant way to punctuate your tenth and bring on number eleven.

Eleventh Anniversary – Morning Glory

Affectionate morning glories, up with the sun, are the perfect gift for the first year of your second decade. An exciting new beginning in a steady, time-tested relationship.

Twelfth Anniversary – Peony

Peonies are a jumble of intricate petals, and each one is a little different. After twelve years, you’ve learned each other’s unique ways, and even when things are a little unruly, it’s a beautiful mess.

Thirteenth Anniversary – Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums come in rich, deep colors, and are symbolic of royalty. How can thirteen be an unlucky year when it’s topped off with royal, jewel-toned chrysanthemums?

Fourteenth Anniversary – Dahlia

Dahlias we’re very popular in the Victorian Era practice of floriography, sending bouquets of different flowers to telegraph messages of affection, condolences, or even disdain. In that language, dahlias meant love, devotion, beauty and dignity. These meanings still hold true today.

Fifteenth Anniversary – Rose

Another milestone anniversary calls for a respected, elegant beauty. The classic rose symbolizes passion and romance. You’ve grown through many seasons together, and in fifteen years, the fire is still alive, and the roots are stronger than ever.

Twentieth Anniversary – Aster

From the Greek word “star”, the aster represents love, wisdom, faith, and color. These flowers gained their meaning because they were placed on the altars of gods, which elevates these symbolic flowers appropriately for celebrating your momentous twentieth anniversary.

Twenty-fifth Anniversary – Iris

The legacy of the iris is enduring faith and hope. How fitting for the relationship that has faithfully flourished for twenty-five years. The iris also signifies courage and admiration. They really say it all on this often grandly celebrated anniversary.

Thirtieth Anniversary – Lily

Lilies come in a great variety of colors, with different meanings. At the thirty-year mark, you can dig deep and choose the message you want to send. For instance, orange and red lilies signify passion, and pink lilies symbolize abundance.

Fortieth Anniversary – Gladiolus

When you’ve nurtured a relationship for forty years, it’s a sure bet that faithfulness and strength of character played a big part in your success. That’s why the gladiolus is the flower that belongs to year forty. It’s luminous, charming, and a little showy, but a stalwart symbol of character, loyalty, moral integrity, and remembrance.

Fiftieth Anniversary – Yellow Rose/Violet

Fifty is the only anniversary to get two flowers, in complimentary colors of yellow and purple. Violets signify honesty, protection, remembrance, and determination. Yellow roses represent inner strength, and the two together symbolize a long life of complementing and supporting each other.

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It’s not easy nurturing and sustaining a relationship, and each one is truly unique. There are so many reasons why anniversaries are important. You can say what the next milestone means to you with anniversary flowers from The Bouqs Co.

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