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A Breakdown of Anniversary Flowers by Year

Anniversary Flowers

Trying to shop for the perfect anniversary flowers? There’s no need to search any further because we’ve got a perfect breakdown of anniversary flowers by year right here. Whether you’re celebrating a successful first year with your significant other or you’re shopping for 50th-anniversary flowers to celebrate a long-lasting marriage, the special flowers we’ve listed will help you make that moment even more special.


1st Anniversary – Carnation

The first anniversary is always the sweetest and deserves to be celebrated with some beautiful carnations. Give your special someone red carnations to emphasize the deep love and affection you feel for them. Carnations symbolize the promise of commitment of young and passionate love, perfect for commemorating your first year together.


2nd Anniversary – Lily of The Valley

A very elegant and fragrant flower that will impress your other half, lilies of the valley are also referred to as the “ladder to heaven.” Offer this bell-shaped flower to your loved one and celebrate a blissful anniversary with a flower that symbolizes the devotion and purity of your relationship.


3rd Anniversary – Sunflower

With the sun shining in your heart on the third anniversary of your wedding what better choice than to give a stunning golden sunflower. The sunflower reflects the strong qualities of your three-year marriage representing faith, adoration, and lasting happiness.


5th Anniversary – Daisy

This delicate bloom, which at first glance might look simple, is the traditional fifth-anniversary flower. Being with someone for five years might start to feel monotonous but, just like the daisy, if you look closer, there is a lot more beauty to discover.


10th Anniversary – Daffodil

Yellow daffodils are the 10-year anniversary flowers. They are emblems of renewal and remind a couple of the importance of the simple pleasures in life. A bouquet of 10 daffodils is the perfect way to represent each year of the sweet lasting memories you have shared during the last decade.


15th Anniversary – Rose

The most famous symbol of passionate love and romance, the rose is undoubtedly the ultimate flower to express your feelings to your loved one. Even more, because the rose is also a symbol of the balance that has been built through the first 15 years of your marriage.


20th Anniversary – Aster

Aster symbolizes patience. Its name is derived from the Greek word “asteri”, meaning star. In ancient times it was believed to have magical powers that gave wisdom and foresight. Asters placed in a bouquet can be representative of the love and admiration you feel for each other after spending two decades together and the hopes of good fortune for many years to come.


25th Anniversary – Iris

This flower has an iconic shape with its three upright petals representing faith, wisdom, and valor.

Iris means rainbow; the beauty after the clouds. Therefore, it’s an ideal flower to represent all the different experiences, the good, the bad, and the ugly, that occur over the course of 25 years with one person, while also expressing the strong faith and devotion you have in your life together.


30th Anniversary – Lily

The lily is a classic flower that can be found in many religions and mythologies. Reflecting on a grown mature marriage, the lily states that even if the years are passing your original affection, love ,and appreciation remains. If your love is only growing stronger and you’re ready to spend another 30 with them, choose a Bouq of fresh lilies.


50th Anniversary – Yellow Roses and Violets

There is no other way of celebrating the most important anniversary of your marriage than with yellow roses and violets. This anniversary is the only one celebrated with two different kind of flowers, which is because their colors are complementary, portraying you and your spouse as two parts that make a whole. For your 50th anniversary flowers, violets represent modesty, faithfulness, and virtue while yellow roses show true love, inner joy, gladness, and friendship. They gather together in one bouquet all the important values of a happily aged marriage.


Now that you know the perfect flower for every anniversary be sure to plan ahead and order the right Bouq to celebrate your special day. Your loved one will appreciate it even more for the symbolic thought that you’ve put into it. Whether it’s 10-year anniversary flowers or your 50th, at The Bouqs Company we’ve got you covered.

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